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To: Cornwall council licensing committee

Remove condition 16 of the licensing Act for Polzeath Pancake Shack

Remove condition 16 of the licensing Act for Polzeath Pancake Shack

We want conditions 16 removed from our license which means we can leave the shack there whilst we are trading, so Easter and whitsun amd July August and early September.

Why is this important?

This is important for us as we pay a license to trade and we have overnight free camping which sometimes our spot gets parked in and we cannot trade, we are paying a license to trade and the council license team seem to think it’s not their problem if I can’t trade! Which then means I can’t provide a service to all my customers who come to Polzeath for my pancakes!! I employ local staff, and my carbon footprint is zero, I live here, all year round.

Please sign and share and let the council know why you think this is important to you and your families when you come to visit Cornwall.

Polzeath pancake shack

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Reasons for signing

  • Ok.for signing in
  • New Polzeath just wouldn't be the same without the shack. If it's paying all the required taxes and it's not harming anyone then leave it alone. It's been there long enough my son, nieces and nephew have have many happy memories of it.
  • The council can't charge someone for a trading license when, by fulfilling the conditions of the license, the licensee can end up not trading due to being unable to gain access to their trading site!


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