To: UCAS and Bangladesh High Commission

Save Raktim Kar from being discharged without financial assistance

Save Raktim Kar from being discharged without financial assistance

Extend his student visa so that he has time to recover, study and live his life. He is suffering from moyamoya. At the moment he is incapable of making decisions and has problems with fine motor skills. He gets upset and cannot express his needs clearly. He is at high risk if left on his own. He has no family in the UK. NHS has agreed to treat him but because of his illness he has not been able to attend classes. Because of this UCAS said they will terminate his student visa.

Why is this important?

Raktim is a brilliant and bright pharmacology PhD student at University of Greenwich. He has worked and paid his national insurance contributions and is a model citizen from work in Sainsbury's pharmacy department. He is only 30 and has his whole life in front of him.He has paid his NHS surcharge and stopping NHS treatment or care now would be detrimental. If his student visa is not extended he cannot get treatment in 🇬🇧 and will need to travel abroad to India whilst unwell. He is fully integrated in the UK.He was discovered unconscious in his room end of May 2017 and was taken to Royal London Hospital. He needs help with feeding and washing. He has been moved to Newham University Hospital. We are raising funds

How it will be delivered

Organise a campaign, write a letter, get legal aid


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Reasons for signing

  • For good purpose
  • Healthcare should be a right and not depend on how wealthy you are.
  • He need help now. Also, he paid his NHS surcharges so it is his right to get treatments.


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