To: South Oxfordshire District Council

Speed Calming Measures in Harpsden Road, Wilson Avenue and Watermans Road

Speed Calming Measures in Harpsden Road, Wilson Avenue and Watermans Road

Put speed measures in place to save our lives and property.

Why is this important?

The residents need peace of mind and relaxation at night so speed calming measures need to be put in place to stop our cars being damaged or written off, animals being killed and prevent the injury or death of a child as a result of people constantly excessively speeding, motorbikes doing wheelie's and mainly driving like lunatics. Our roads are used as a quick cut through, with vehicles usually driving faster than the 30 mph speed limit on a regular basis, in an attempt to beat the traffic on the busy Reading Road and then used as race tracks at night. The result of this behaviour is lots of damage to vehicles and losses of beloved animals. My daughter's car that she didn't know she had was written of by a speeding driver who fled the scene leaving no details early hours of 1st October 2017, as reported in the Henley Standard. Numerous cars have been side swiped or had wing mirrors damaged by speeding vehicles and we sit and listen to the screeching of brakes and await the bang of the collision on a regular basis in the evenings. I personally have witnessed a couple of cyclists being knocked off their bike's and motorcyclists doing wheelie's or tricks up the road, animals being hit and killed while the driver carries on their way without stopping. This needs to stop!!! It was bad enough when the road was covered in potholes but since it has been resurfaced it has become 10 times worse at least. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a pedestrian that is badly/critically injured.


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Reasons for signing

  • There should be a 20mph zone throughout the whole of Henley
  • Fed up of idiots speeding on Wilson Avenue. Kids and animals around!
  • Having recently cycled and run along these roads it's clearly only a matter of time before there are more serious accidents and loss of human life. I fully support any speed calming measures put in place.


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