To: Cheshire East Council

Cheshire East's withdrawal of some supported bus services

Cheshire East's withdrawal of some supported bus services

We urge Cheshire East to continue to subsidise the much needed bus services in our towns and rural areas.
We ask Cheshire East to use £1.6 million from their surplus budget to fund these subsides.

Why is this important?

The saving of £1.6 million would be counterproductive as cutting bus services in Cheshire East will have undesirable consequences and cause distress and inconvenience to many residents.
We believe that the following groups would be more adversely affected; the elderly, disabled and infirm, the young and people on low incomes.
Getting to work, shops, schools, colleges, doctors, banks, social events and hospital appointments would be made more inaccessible.
We also believe that trade in towns and town markets will be affected.
The stopping of evening services will have a negative affect on restaurants and pubs and other social groups.
We are concerned that the withdrawal of bus services will result in more cars on the road and significant reduction in air quality.
Many of the towns and villages are growing in size and as a result we should be given improved services not declining ones.


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Reasons for signing

  • When is their going to be a bus route put on for passengers which rungs from SHAVINGTON to Nantwich and then back again??!! Not putting on such a service is NOT looking after passengers is it?!
  • All bus services are an essential part of the local transport system at all times - day, evening and night.
  • These are vital services - not everyone can drive.


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