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To: Green Party leader



Effectively promote the Anti-litter policies introduced by the government last year.

Why is this important?

My name is Gaia the Garbage.
I help run Ecologisers, a Young People's Anti-litter Campaign.
For a 2 minute fun-video that gives the whole picture, please visit
We have 4 creative projects we're forwarding and have taken into schools, and universities through current teacher-training routes. These are:
Alternative Santa, LItter Goes LIterary, the Children's Humorously Captioned Photography Competition and the writing of EcoSongs. I've written 45 EcoSongs. Put upbeat celebratory eco-lyrics to famous out-of-copyright tunes.
This project and others like it are important because the way we tackle problems, including global problems, is not solution-oriented. It's quick-fix or commerically-led.
Though we have been running this campaign for 4 years we have funded it ourselves as litter is seen as the pariah of the enivronmental movement. Numerous applications for funding we have made have failed. At Ecologisers we want to make litter 'sexy'!!

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