To: The Homeless

Help the homeless sign this petition

Help the homeless sign this petition

For it to be mandatory that the homeless are to be rehabilitated back into society! By building special units within prison grounds or close to prisons so they can be given a chance in life like pedophiles and seriel killers you can't help evil and ignore the good it's humane treatment for homeless people !!

Why is this important?

Homelessness is important to our country what sort of planet make its own money yet has its own people starving and freezing to death on its streets of all ages in all countries great Britain has homelessness what's great about that print some notes of round them all up and help them don't they deserve a chance at life , if evil serial killers and pedophiles get the help why not the vunrable good homeless people why ? 🤔

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  • To try help the homeless


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