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To: The Scottish Government.

"Scottish Independence Referendum" 2019/20

"Scottish Independence Referendum" 2019/20

To hold and a Second Independence Referendum.

Why is this important?

(An individual opinion)
Health care is not a commodity, Nor is education.
In an independent Scotland, we could be the first nation to achieve zero homelessness; ✓
Does this in itself not warrant Independence?

What about the possibility of Zero Re-offending✓
With the education of the missed out clases, people who don't know how to use a computer
Did you know that there are prisoners who cannot read or write?
20 years ago literacy in prison's was 99% then prisons began charging for stamps (Privatisation)

We need a new approach to rehabilitation by
focusing on a strict re-education & health program, a military style discipline focusing primarily on education.

As it stands prisons have 3 part-time teachers to educate 400+ prisoners.
"I'm hear for the nourishment not the punishment" is a common mantra inside."
Many enter 8-stone & leave 12-stone, many into private owned hostels, Charging £500+ a week.
Prisons have revolving doors, reflective of a wasted opportunity.
HMP officers estimate 60% of inmates shouldn't be in prison. lost souls, aimless, but the officers know their names. Prisons then becoms a home for the homeless.

Let's fix this, be a bright beacon of light & hope
For us & other countries around the World.
To become a nation that fosters inspiration and mindfulness in our youth & tranquility in the elderly✓
A nation governed by honesty, known for its integrity✓wisdom✓ equality✓ decency✓

Let's pay our Nurses, Sanitation, Teachers, Carers a decent income
Let us care for the elderly.
One day we will be elderly.
if we do not hesitate in taking a stand & become independent
No regrets just a wee twinkle in our eyes in our twilight years, of yes!!

We deserve to be governed by truth, honesty,
not by a confederacy of dunces

Westminster has complete control of money distrabution. We are treated like children who are given pocket money, patted on the head & told to run along. Yet London's 3rd runaway will cost in the trillions?

Let's look at the structure of companies, the working week, the hours, let's start freeing up the overworked so all have the opportunity to work, earn, relax retire.

Let's make the future! No more "things will never change" stagnant,negative thinking
The many oppurunities that comes with Independence is 💯% staggeringly golden.

Scotland, a country that can be one of real Justice, integrity, equality & Peace.
Where our new leaders are in your community on your street, like Miss Mhari black, destiny is calling, Knocking on your door, a truly tangible hope.

Not Anti-English- ( that is bigotry )
But yes! Anti- Westminister:
anti lies.
Anti Foodbanks
Anti propaganda.
Anti Auasterity & tired of budgeting on a shoestring, so graciously handed out by No-11

There's so much to offer In the shaping of a new, equal, progressive & creative society, one aspiring to write an enlightened Constitution.

A constitution for us and future generations.
Not just benifitting Scotland but a legacy of creativity, hope and inspiration, to be seen by our sister countries in this increasingly sickening 24/7-World.

We must individually rise in heart and seek a 2nd final referendum. Help by signing & sharing this petition

So we can be a politically fair upright nation,
In which Equality is the cornerstone of all sovereign independent nations.

People who are free, free from stress, start becoming creative. What better future to aim for. Helping Solve problems that westminster created

Humans by nature are creative, but why is this stamped out during Life?
is it because of the conventional norms?
people drowning in Debt? So choice become expensive, thus limited. #lidl

Killing creativity can Lead to depression, mental health issues, addictions.
Suicide is increasing, why?

But if you own a yacht + American Express card maybe life's ok
Don't panic, you might win the lottery! 😕

Many People who voted "no" last time, were scared they would lose their pension or sent back to Poland
And now..
They have bore witness, like many across the nation did, just weeks, possibly days, if not minutes after the 1st referendum, they began to see through the lies, the spin, the propaganda the well calculated program of fear.

The Polish were told they would have to return home. And now #brexit

Thanks to a political machine called Westminister. #windrush #greenfell.
Profit over people =disgusting

London knows independence is coming.
They're worried so they're spending & spending~new Runway's, ultra-fast trains & filling pockets
Meanwhile, Austerity for us.. but don't panic, you won't starve, Foodbanks are easy & accessible & in every area,where you see a church there is a foodbank inside.

A wise person once said:
"Capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich!"

So Lets become a country that is Governed by Wisdom.✓
Let us the people draft a constitution✓

Let's talk about a basic income✓
let's rid ourselves of food~banks✓
Let us address Mental health in creating wellbeing in neighborhoods, harmony, not paranoia.

Lets have police once again live In local areas
Like the old police houses of the 70's before they were sold off.
Then policing became different, awkward, distant.

Are We not mature woman & men capable of Self-Determination & not children who need Nannie's
No more lies & biased opinions
so many take as gospel, Why? Because they are to busy making ends meet & trusting politicians to be truly informed
We need Independence, I know this, and i am not an educated Man.

I don't want to rock the boat..

I want US to come together & build a new boat,
a new harbor, a new town, a new City, a new Country.. a new 21st century way of living life.

Help to make this a reality if you believe in truth by signing & sharing this petition so we can get another independence .

Thanks, Daniel

How it will be delivered

By petition Email or via Facebook. Or in person .

Reasons for signing

  • I want Scotland to be Free from Westminster Rule
  • To be a light of hope and truth in an ever darkening world.


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