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To: Blackpool Borough Council

Re placement Gates

Re placement Gates

Re position the Maudland road gate to cover back St Heliers Road and replace Seymore Road Gates with bollards or chicane fencing.

Why is this important?

Gates have been erected at Maudland Road thru to Seymore Road, South Shore, Blackpool, it is understood the gates were for the security of the rear of St Heliers Road. The placement of the gates has restricted access to and from Bancroft park and the South Shore area as well as easier access to bus routes on Lytham Road and the main gate of Blackpool Gateway Academy.
These inconveniences have had a detrimental effect on the residents of St Heliers Road, Saville Road, Maudland Road, Baron Road, Stansfield Street and Central Drive and beyond. The problems cover a range of issues, namely lowered security, health issues, traffic problems and the general wellbeing of the community.
Repositioning the access to this walk way will allow access to Bancroft park and South Shore and improve the wellbeing of many of the residents.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the report and signatures in person,

Blackpool South, Blackpool

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Reasons for signing

  • Disability discrimination against resident who for 10 years accessed the park Council’s argument mute since moving the gate from B to C still gates the alley Fly-tipping continues - Replace Bloomfield Community Centre with vandal proof CCTV Increase of dog feces in the area Replace gate A with telescopic Bollards; Chicane awkward for prams & scooters accessing school Consult Blackpool fire department Re: fire truck access to school and homes with keys held by school, fire, etc.


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