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To: Unite the union

To unite the union

To unite the union

We, the undersigned, are urging Unite the Union to fully implement its conference policy against fracking. That includes:
* Make all members aware of the dangers of fracking, actively oppose fracking, to
use its influence to prevent fracking operations, advise members not to work
on fracking sites nor deliver materials to such operations; Support and lobby
for a moratorium on all ‘fracking’ activities across the UK;
* Encourage the Labour Party and Labour controlled councils to take actions
formally opposing the application of hydraulic fracturing technology within the
* Request Regional Committees support local anti-fracking groups’ activities;
* Encourage members of the union to support campaigns against ‘fracking’ and
to link up with local campaigners;
* Support calls for taking profit out of energy production and distribution and
favour the public ownership and democratic control of the energy industry with
the direct input of local communities and trade unions in
* decisions on creating a balanced and sustainable energy policy.
We are asking Unite to actively take steps to support the current protests in Preston New Road where fracking is due to start in 2017.

Why is this important?

Fracking is a very real threat to communities in the UK. Like in the US, it has the
potential to pollute local water supplies, create earthquakes, damage local
environment and increase lorry traffic. In addition the emissions of methane caused by fracking make it more pollute than even coal. Climate Change is happening now and stopping fracking in the UK is a very important aspect of combating global warming.
The go ahead has been given to frack in Preston New Road against the will of the local community and despite the opposition of the local Council and planning committee. Other sites are also actively drill-testing and likely to move into production is the Preston New Road site is successful. Unite the Union has got the resources and potential to create a real difference against fracking. Now the Labour Party has also included a ban on fracking in their election Manifesto, it is time for Unite to step up its campaign against fracking.

How it will be delivered

Once enough signatures have been collected, it will be send to Unite the Unite the Union General Secretary and National Executive Committee


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