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To: Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council

Save our play space

Help us to repeal the decision by RCTCBC to terminate at short notice the Ignite Unlocking Potential Business Tenancy and honour a previous commitment to undertaking a 21 year lease of the woodland play space at Dare Valley Country Park, Aberdare, RCT, CF44 7RG.

Why is this important?

A lease agreement for our 4 acre woodland (named Ladybird woods by our toddler children) is vital for Ignite Unlocking Potential as a social enterprise to support schools, community & families with educational services including Wales's only Nature Kindergarten, Ladybirds Parent & Toddler group, Adventure camps and activity days for children with physical disabilities & additional learning needs.

During the 4 years as a business tenant paying against a draft agreement of 21 years, we have transformed 4 acres of unused land into a centre for excellence in Nature based Pedagogy.

To date, this learning & play space has enabled us to make a real difference to the lives of over 8000 children and provides leading edge education and training services to education & health professionals across Wales and the UK.

Please read some of our reviews from parents & teachers that we have recently supported. Your signature will provide our children with the hope that we can continue to enrich their lives and provide a place that nurtures and unlocks their potential.

"My little one went to the summer camp up the country park he has ADHD and struggles sometimes with friends and groups, to say he had an amazing time is a understatement he loved it the staff where amazing with him , come bk a very different child and much more confident, he can't wait to go again thank u all !!!!" Leanne Evans (Parent).

"You don't know what a massive part your team has played this summer for my kids x so thank you all x" Caly Cross (Parent).

"Had a wonderful time volunteering with the Ladybirds Parent and Toddler group today- very wet and soggy but a beautiful atmosphere, Thank you" Catrin Doyle (Volunteer).

"This week I started my Forest School Leader training with you guys and I've loved every second. So many amazing ideas, people and open-ended resources! Just what I needed to get my mind back on track, can't wait for the next sessions!" Jordan Baxter (Teacher).

“The community has nothing but wonderful things to say about the organisation and we’ve been waiting years to be able to attend!”
“Ignite embody all of the goals and principals of the Well-being for future generations ACT. The adults love it.The Children love it.The community Need it.They promote health and wellbeing - both physical and mental, through a connection with the outdoors.They need the space!” Eve Harris (Parent).

Dare Valley Country Park, Aberdare

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2018-09-09 19:12:38 +0100

We are organising a celebration and update on campaign progress for the 22nd September.

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