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Abstain tick-box on ballot paper

I believe there should be an Abstain tick-box on all ballot papers to show that the voter has no belief in any of the parties. Presently there are many voters who do not vote due to an inability to decide which party they prefer, these votes are seen as people not wishing to vote but in many cases this is not the true picture. This tick box would give voters a reason to show there lack of belief in any of the parties to lead.

Why is this important?

Many people do not vote due to a lack of competent options, I for one cast my protest vote at the last election just so my vote wasn't wasted but i truly had no belief that any of the parties would be any good. And look at the mess we are in today! I cannot be alone in my thoughts on this.



2013-10-25 19:54:57 +0100

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