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To: Church Commissioners and Guildford Borough Council



'St. John's plans were pronounced "Dead in the Water" by church officials at Westminster.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts for all your wonderful help and support in SAVING ST. JOHNS CHURCHYARD FROM DEVELOPMENT!'


Protect our open local green space and rich cultural heritage from development.

Why is this important?

St. Johns church Stoke next Guildford listed in the Domesday book has shocked and appalled Guildford residents by seeking to sell its west churchyard for development.

The churchyard is an area of timeless beauty, an oasis of green in a frenetic place, full of bird song and wildlife, created on a site of earlier Palaeolithic activity. It has an informal layout of trees ,grass and tombs. It has always been a public green open space, it is defined ecologically, environmentally and historically by its Christian architecture and planting . The oasis contains 9 native evergreen Yew trees 3 described as Notable approx. 300 years old, 5 well over 200 years old the most in any Guildford churchyard and a Box tree over 150 years old all historically significant to British churchyards. The trees are habitat for solitary Bumble Bees, Blackbirds, Thrushes and Green Woodpeckers.

Now in Stoke Area of High Archeological Potential designated 2017 the churchyard is listed as a post medieval burial ground.

You can see images, of the churchyard and everything we've done to preserve and enhance it since saving it from development and finding the grave of Admiral Sir James Stirling in 2015 by following the link below.

Well maintained by the local council, and local residents the verdant churchyard enclosed by a grade II* listed galletted Bargate sandstone wall, in the heart of the community, is something residents feel deeply about.

St. John's churchyard was bisected by a road built in the eighteenth century and is enjoyed by a constant flow of people who pass through this historic green approach to Guildford. It contains about 1000 graves, and 200 Portland stone memorials recording local ancestry, forming part of the social history of the area, reminders of past generations who helped shape the town today. It features the grave of Admiral Sir James Stirling founder and first Governor of Western Australia Paynter obelisk and grave of Ross Donnelly Mangles Chairman of the East India Co. and Guildford M.P. 1841-58 . Surrounding the churchyard in direct line of sight is the Grade 2* listed St. John's church, locally listed Lido Lodge, and the grade II listed War Memorial, to the side are sixteenth century grade II listed cottages all in harmony with each other.

E.R. Chamberlin in his 1970 book Guildford Biography described it as " an abandoned churchyard, almost hidden beneath its luxuriant trees and shrubs, survives to demonstrate in its own way that an open space did not necessarily have to be garnished with 'amenities' to be of social value. ' In 1977 half of that churchyard was destroyed, developed to build the Rectory, stripped of its heritage, Yew trees felled, graves smashed sent for landfill and remains removed or lost including those of Sir James Stirling. The heritage value of the remaining half of the churchyard is unreservedly recognised, the need to retain historic architecture and places for wildlife poignant as they have diminished at an alarming rate since the 70s. Prince Charles has written that if you destroy the past, or consistently deny its relevance to the present, man eventually looses his soul and his roots.

St. John's church is seeking to sell the churchyard to fund a new extension to the church. Residents have suggested that by following the fundraising examples of other local churches and the Cathedral, Heritage Lottery funding etc. the church could achieve its development goal without sacrificing its west churchyard. To the west the Rectory a 70s development owned by the Diocese of Guildford may also be sold. This combined would form a very sizable building plot for dense urban intensification, which crystallises the need for the green historic churchyard to be saved as the soul and oasis of an ever more urban society.

In 2003 Holy Trinity churchyard was saved from development by a group of dedicated Guildford residents. councillors and GBC planners. Churchyards are ever more valued by English Heritage , wildlife and ancestry organisations and individuals . Now we need to act to ensure St. John's west churchyard is also saved to create a legacy making a contribution by conserving a tangible piece of history and open green space for future generations.

Please sign in support of keeping St. Johns west churchyard an open community local green space protected from development.

“UPDATE (July 2015): Good News. Thanks to your support, Guildford Borough Council has now made permanent Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) to protect 7 of the 9 native evergreen Yew trees and the iconic Box tree.”

"UPDATE (Feb 2016) Good News. Guildford Borough Council confirms Bargate west churchyard wall as protected curtilage grade II* Listed Structure. Any damage must be repaired like for like.


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Dear All,

Support to save the churchyard is really growing.

We have had great newspaper coverage in Guildford and Front page in the West Australian.
Anne Milton Guildford MP has written to the church commissioners on behalf of constituents recognising the depth of feeling for saving the beautiful historic churchyard and Guildford Environmental Forum

Rex Andrew church commissioner has already received 100 representations,
Good News New extended deadline Feb 10th.

please email.

[email protected]

Please take a moment to forward this email to other interested family, friends and colleagues.

You can help by signing the petition too.

We need the help of an Arboriculturist or experienced person to help secure TPOs please contact me.

Kind Regards

2015-01-26 23:30:31 +0000

Email [email protected]
Sorry no dot after org

2015-01-26 23:24:27 +0000

This week new evidence has lead to an internationally important discovery in St.Johns churchyard. The bones of Admiral Sir James Stirling founder and Governor of Western Australia which have been missing presumed lost for nearly 40 years. This is huge for them. This Wednesday an article about the historic find will be published in the west Australian as well as the story already running in the Surrey Ad.
It is also a possible way forward for the churchyard by way making it unique.

Please take a minute to help save the lovely tranquil haven of st.Johns churchyard on historic and Environmental grounds email the church commissioners stating your reasons for objecting to the development to [email protected]. By the 29 th January

Many thanks


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