• End the privatisation of cleaning at Transport for London
    Transport for London has privatised cleaning on London Underground. Underground cleaning has been handed to global outsourcing company ABM while London Overground has outsourced cleaning to Vinci. The collapse of outsourcing giants Carillion and Interserve has shown that outsourcing is both inefficient and unfair to workers. Despite working unsocial hours in dirty, hazardous conditions, cleaners are treated less favourably than directly employed workers. We call on the Mayor to commit to ending the privatisation of cleaning, bringing this work in-house and working to end privatisation and outsourcing generally within Transport for London.
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  • SEND system in East Riding
    Because of the detrimental impact the dysfunctional Special Needs System is having on families
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  • Conpensation
    Because a lot of these women havent got any pension savings or myself i am a widow at age 64 and struggling to make ends meet a lot of the women are struggling too
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  • Keep Monklands Hospital where it is
    NHS Lanarkshire wants to move Monklands Hospital to a new site in either Gartcosh, Glenmavis or Easter Moffat - all of which are remote from centres of population and do not have the necessary transport links. The current site is central, has good transport links and most importantly will be redeveloped as a hospital (poorly disguised as a community health village). Why therefore move it to another site, ignoring recent important developments such as the Maggies and Lanarkshire Beatson and then build two hospitals? This is foolish and provides no value for money.
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  • Raised State Pension Age
    Dear Boris, You promised before the election that would you look again at the issue of increased State Pension Age. This issue remains high on the agenda for 3.8 million women but that number is rapidly increasing as those born in the sixties and their daughters and granddaughters are waking up not only to the hardships endured by their family members but their own future which has no light at the end of the tunnel. Men too are increasingly aware of their own hiked up retirement age as well as the impact that this is having on their wives, sisters and mothers. The storm is brewing. Turbulently. It seems from your own privileged perspective to be as remote an issue to you as though perhaps we may reside in Antarctica. In oblivion. But you have read the stories. I wonder how much attention you gave to the individual stories of hardship? The millions of them? That you can sleep easily knowing that many women are being forced to sell their homes through lack of any income? Were you aware of the humiliating position many older women find themselves in, unable to claim state pension and unable to claim Universal Credit either because they have not been in a position to work during the two preceding years of a claim? This is relevant to me personally as having had nearly twenty years of zero-hour contracts and no ability to save or plan as I lurched from one short term agency role to the next, I was forced to leave my family and take work abroad. In Cairo. Once out there I became aware of the thousands of other British workers out there (mainly teachers but others too) who found it impossible in their fifties or sixties to obtain work back in the UK. All having to part company with their families to do so. So many of the job searches are pointless because the skills or experience required are irrelevant to a mature man or woman in their sixties. They haven't all had the benefit of IT training during their school years. Are you aware that training opportunities are not on offer for this age group? That the competitive jobs market ensures age discrimination is well and truly alive? That many are unable to accept work because of health or caring responsibilities? Is all this falling on deaf ears? Are you able to blot out the very real suffering without a care in the world? The winter of discontent is here. It is blowing up a storm. It is real. Very real. To ignore the plight of a generation of women whose lives were geared towards home and family responsibilities is nothing short of cruel. Who are not in a position to care for their husbands - many of whom are older than them as their own health is in decline. Is it right, just and proper that after a life-time of work, many are having to ask their children for financial support because they have no income of their own? That Universal Credit actually expects this as the income of children still living in the home ( because they can't afford a home of their own) now has to pay the cost of living of their own mother or father? I have had to ask for help myself from my daughter's first wage packet in her new job when she will only earn £16 000 per year. She should be saving for her own future with her boyfriend not helping me out. I am unable to ask my son as he is only a student himself. Is this situation right? Whatever happened to Dignity in Old Age? Would you wish this on your own mother? Have you ever tried the long back-breaking 12 hour shifts that many factories and companies now expect? Often without a toilet or drink's break? I'm sure you don't. Have any idea. As you sit in your ivory palace drinking champagne. And you talk about raising £120 million just to chime Big Ben? Have you any idea how insulting that is? You may as well be Marie Antoinette calling "Let them eat cake!" But the Winter of Discontent is brewing.
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  • Ban plastic caps on detergent like bold 2 in 1
    With the amount of plastic waste, do we really need more? Walk up and down the supermarket isle for your washing detergents or fabric softeners and the vast majority of them will have a removable plastic head so you can measure the amount of liquid/gel you want to use. Do we really need all these plastic heads? can we not re use the ones we all have lying around our houses?
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  • Work from Home to reduce Car Emissions
    Reducing CO2 emissions must, logically, be every countries number one priority. All other policies are irrelevant if we don't have a planet!
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    I strongly feel that if the South Yorkshire Police took the time to launch a full investigation into these crimes and liaised with the wider police forces such as West Yorkshire Police in particular, they would have enough evidence to catch the culprits of these crimes; and restore justice for all the victims, so that people can feel safe again parking their cars at night. There are plenty of cases that I have become aware of that the police are yet to gather evidence for (as they have not spoken to the victims, looked at CCTV or investigated many of the reported crimes). Should an investigation be launched tying the crimes and the evidence together, the police should be able to catch the people responsible and restore justice, as well as a sense of safety within Sheffield and the wider community. Not only are the victims having to deal with the situation of having to get their cars fixed, which can cost thousands of pounds in repairs and also steeply hiked insurance premiums; but they also face the added fear of the crime happening to them again, as these criminals continue to roam the city stealing parts of targeted vehicles. If you yourself have had this crime happen to you or someone you know, or you just want this kind of crime to stop, then please sign this petition to make the South Yorkshire Police and the Local MP’s listen. There needs to be a full investigation into all the reports of car part theft in South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas to catch the people responsible for this.
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  • Declare a Public Health Emergency on Mental Health and Suicide
    In September 2019 the Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride stated that there is no greater public health challenge than suicide. Sadly, in these first weeks of 2020, his statement has proven all too accurate, with the tragic loss of yet more precious lives by suicide. More families have been plunged into unbearable grief and pain and communities have been left reeling, struggling to make sense of it all. Suicide is something everybody hopes never comes to their door, but the reality as we’ve seen is that it can affect any family. Yet we know that suicide is preventable, is not inevitable and can never be the answer. Mental illness is a risk factor in relation to suicide but mental illness does not necessarily lead to suicidal behaviour. Access to the right support at the right time can prevent suicide and right across our communities there are numerous excellent suicide prevention and crisis intervention services working tirelessly to help keep people safe and to reduce the risk of suicide. More people have died by suicide since the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement than died as a direct result of the conflict. Our rates of suicide are the highest across these islands, something that is receiving international attention for all the wrong reasons. Behind the statistic of 307 deaths by suicide in 2018 are individuals who were much loved and continue to be mourned by their loved ones. While the suicide prevention strategy Protect Life 2 contains many good initiatives that must be fully resourced and implemented, it is clear that something more, and of a different measure, is now needed to tackle this crisis. It is regrettable that the New Decade New Approach document does not specifically address the issue of suicide. Alarm bells are ringing in all communities. The current suicide reduction target of 10% over 5 years, equating to roughly 6 deaths a year being prevented, is wholly inadequate. Similarly, the funding allocation of £10.35 million - a miniscule 0.2% of the overall health budget - is a fraction of what’s required. Access to services is piece-meal and waiting times for counselling vary greatly across Trusts, with people being forced to wait several months for an initial appointment. Going forward, it is vital for you to ensure that suicide prevention is prioritised within the upcoming Programme for Government, not only by your own department, but around the Executive table. Given the concentration of deaths by suicide in deprived communities, commitments in New Decade, New Approach, designed to address poverty and inequality, must also be recognised as suicide prevention measures and resourced accordingly.
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  • The Gym Group: Bring back the Music License
    Forgetting your headphones when you get to the gym can be the worst pain you’ve ever felt, not being able to listen to your favourite UK Dance playlist, A couple of months ago it would’ve been possible to do a workout listening to The Gym Groups sound system. Artists like David Guetta, Example, J Hus, Avicii would be played, But now the music license at The Gym Group has gone. And the music is dreadful
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  • Save 67 centre
    The 67 Centre has been part of the community for over 50 years it has been changing young peoples live and giving them a safe place for them to gather and should be kept as a sanctuary for the next generation. It is also part of Brighton history, because a famous band called the piranhas once played there in the 70's providing young bands from Brighton to perform. In Brighton/ Moulescoomb there isn't a lot of places for the local teenagers to go to but the 67 centre was always there and this allowed kids to stop causing havoc to the locals and lets them chill with there friends and have help from people who are willing to sit there and listen, with the youth group they also help people who have financial constraints to entertain the children and allowing them to go on trips and do activities that they may not usually get to do. The 67 centre allow many young people to make friends with locals that they might have never met, Why would we want to take that away from the younger generation, we have to help save the one place the teenagers have left that isn't taken over by people doing drugs. This petition is to save the 67 centre,if you agree with us to help save it please sign this petition and let us keep the 67 centre!
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  • ammend family immigration law
    My wife was deported in 2015 because we did not earn enough money to satisfy the new threshold for income in order with the new government regulations about immigration to the UK, for her to renew her visa. She lived in UK since 2004 and it was not an issue before, but in 2011 The Home secretary amended laws makng it more difficult. I was sick and did not earn enough money. This is barbaric. She lived in UK with me for 11 years and then had to be uprooted and sent to Japan with no money and no place to live and she still has a hard time and wants to come back here and I want my wife back. The visa application deadlines are really difficult to adhere to. Therefore, the visa application was refused for that reason last time we applied, although I have been earning enough income to satisfy the regulations. It is important for other people too. This causes a lot of sadness in this country with families living in anxiety and stress, children growing up without their parents and people like me and my wife having to face the rest of our lives getting older and without each other to look after. For example, I recently had a bad accident because I was at home on my own. This would never have happened if my wife was not deported and I am lucky to be alive right now.
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