Since it opened in 1973, the centre has proudly served generations of local people. Activities have included teaching adults and children to swim, aqua-aerobics, a wide range of exercise classes for all ages, such as yoga, palates, aerobics, spinning, etc. many of which are available under the GP referral scheme. The centre also provides up-to-date outdoor sports pitches that are heavily used throughout the year, as well as a diversely-equipped gym popular with young and old. The loss of this centre will not only deprive local residents of these treasured facilities, it will adversely impact the health and well-being of the people of north Broxtowe. This petition needs the support of current residents of Broxtowe, and also those who have left the area but benefited immeasurably from this centre when they lived here.
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    Created by George Greszczuk
  • We’re Standing Together for Humanity
    There has been a shocking spike in antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate in the UK since the escalation of conflict in Israel and Palestine following the October 7th attacks. From 7th October to 22nd November, CST have recorded 1563 antisemitic incidents across the UK – the highest total recorded within the same period since it began recording data in 1984. During the period from 7th October to 19th November, Tell MAMA recorded 895 anti-Muslim cases, a six-fold increase in cases from the same period in 2022. Many people are feeling hopeless and powerless, and desperately want a space to mourn collectively, and stand united against hate. The vast majority of people mourn the loss of all civilians in Israel and Palestine, and stand united against antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate. Add your name today and stand with us. Next steps We’re building a movement to bring communities together and show that whatever our disagreements over Israel and Palestine we can live together peacefully, stand united against hate, and collectively mourn all those we have lost. We recently held a small vigil in London, with hundreds of people gathering at short notice for a moment of reflection and togetherness. Now, we’re inviting people from all corners of the country to join us opposite Downing Street this Sunday 3rd December at 3pm for a mass vigil, with faith leaders, bereaved families from different backgrounds, and other speakers. Standing together, we’ll light thousands of lanterns and hold a symbolic moment of silence. No flags, no slogans, just people coming together. You can find out more at togetherforhumanity.co.uk.
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  • Dangerous Dogs Act, and the threat to Euthanise large breeds due to Bad Ownerships
    Any Dog that grains a reputation for threatening people is at Risk, especially large and powerful breeds. Responsible Owners know that handled correctly with firmness and love, these dogs thrive and responding to behave beautifully within family settings. I'm a Canine Instructor (49yrs experience and 20yrs specialising as a Consultant with aggressive dogs) Please..... We know that none of this is, is due to dog's breed, but down to the Owner, how they train and treat the dog, or not. Address the Legislation towards the Owner. No Puppy is born Bad is Aggressive. It's purely down to the experience that have been subjected to.
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    Created by Katie Acari
  • Playgrounds for all
    All children have the right to access provisions whether that be swimming pools, sport halls, cinemas, in other words ALL public places. However, for those children living with a disability, especially those with a physical disability, many never get to experience playing in a playground. It is imperative for all children to develop and the only way that can happen, is by accessing different environments. For any child to experience the movement of a swing, the wind on their face, to feel the movement of a roundabout, or a sea-saw, then to see the joy on their faces. This doesn't happen for those children who are disabled. This petition is asking the Minister for the Disabled Tom Pursglove |MP to take action by enabling and legislating for all playgrounds in the country to be accessible so that children will no longer feel that they are being barred from such a facility, through no fault of their own.
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    Created by Carla Woods
  • Members of Parliament should only have one job
    We vote to put people into positions of responsibility in order to represent our best interests as constituents. They have a moral and ethical duty to carry out those responsibilities to the exclusion of all other considerations. By forbidding them to take on other responsibilities we ensure that they devote their time in office to meeting our most pressing needs.
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    Created by Joseph Kwaterski
  • Torbay's Terrible Traffic
    Better planning and coordination would enable smoother traffic flow in the Torbay area leading to a reduction of pollutants being pumped into the environment.
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    Created by Ceejay Robinson
  • Inclusion for all children at holiday camps
    Holiday clubs carry a huge responsibility when it comes to disability. They represent the first few experiences my daughter (and other children with disabilities) have of society outside the protection of a loving family and hopefully a supportive school. They can either reinforce a sense of “I am different, but I am equal to everyone else”, or they expose disabled children to a negative sense of “I am different, I am a burden, I am excluded”. Each time a club says no, and a child is excluded, it's a little chip at their self-esteem and a lowering of expectations for their future self. According to a survey by Scope, the disability charity, nearly half of disabled adults surveyed feel excluded by society and day to day life. Two thirds have stopped doing something because of other people’s attitudes. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s all these little negative experiences that chip away at them over time. It's totally unacceptable in today's society.
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    Created by Nicola Parton
  • Stop the Closure of Southall Crown Post Office
    The closure will lead to: The loss of service to the community The loss of local knowledge and well trained dedicated staff The loss of meaningful employment within the community The Post Office is a public company, owned by the government. We are calling for the government and the Post Office to halt their cost cutting programme of closure and sit down with unions, customers, small businesses and communities who rely on it, to put together a fresh strategy that can develop new services and safeguard it for the future. Allowing the services to be maintained for the community. JOIN THE FIGHT Save SOUTHALL CROWN POST OFFICE, the Jewel of our high street
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    Created by Garrie Bond
  • Opposed to garage cleansing charge by SBC
    Its important that we stop this ridiculous charge as it will only increase year after year and we are yet to see anybody from the council maintaining these garage areas.
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    Created by Carol Nash
  • Stop the Closure of Clapham Common Crown Post Office
    Closure leads to: • LOSS OF SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY • LOSS OF LOCAL KNOWLEDGE AND TRAINED, DEDICATED STAFF • MEANINGFUL EMPLOYMENT WITHIN THE COMMUNITY The Post Office is a public company, owned by the government. We are calling for the government and the Post Office to halt their cost cutting programme of closure and sit down with unions, customers, small businesses and communities who rely on it, to put together a fresh strategy that can develop new services and safeguard it for the future. Allowing the services to be maintained for the community. JOIN THE FIGHT Save Clapham Common Crown Office, the Jewel of our high street.
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    Created by Clive Tickner
  • We call on our MP, Alun Cairns, to stand up for humanity and support a Ceasefire in Gaza!
    What is the problem? Civilian deaths in Gaza continue to rise at a staggering rate amid relentless Israeli bombardment, in response to the horrific attacks in Israel by Hamas and other armed groups that resulted in 1,400 people killed and the abduction of civilians. More than 10,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in Gaza including through indiscriminate and other unlawful attacks. More than a third of casualties in Gaza are children and countless bodies are still trapped beneath the rubble. Millions more face further displacement, dispossession and suffering.   Israel’s tightened siege of Gaza has blocked the entry of goods, including water, food and fuel leaving more than 2 million people in the Gaza Strip struggling to survive. The humanitarian catastrophe stemming from Israel’s 16-year-long illegal blockade on the occupied Gaza Strip will only get worse if the fighting doesn’t stop immediately. Serious violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes, by all parties to the conflict continue unabated. In the face of such unfettered devastation and suffering, humanity must prevail. A ceasefire would put a stop to unlawful attacks by all parties, halt the mounting death toll in Gaza and enable aid agencies to get life-saving aid, water and medical supplies into the Strip to address the staggering levels of human suffering. It will also allow hospitals to receive life-saving medicines, fuel and equipment they desperately need and to repair damaged wards.  A ceasefire would also provide opportunities to negotiate the release of hostages detained in Gaza and for independent international investigations to take place into the war crimes committed by all parties in order to end long-standing impunity, which will continue to breed further atrocities. Tackling the root causes of this conflict, by dismantling Israel’s system of apartheid imposed on Palestinians is now more urgent than ever.
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