• Don’t shut Disabled people out of mainstream education
    “Mainstream is the way, just we need more support in terms of finance, government finance to make sure those people with disabilities are supported. Also if you have people with disabilities in mainstream schools able bodied people will see that from when they’re young and not find it weird to see a disabled person in their work office and not know how to approach it.“ - Joanne Wacha Our experience of education shapes our entire lives. Inclusion in mainstream society right from the start is essential if Disabled people are going to take our place in society as equal citizens. Non-disabled people need to grow up with Disabled people as friends, classmates and family members if they are to understand that we are part of society and including us is not optional. It’s so important, the UN says all Disabled people have a human right to participate in mainstream education and children learn in the same school and classroom. But right now government funding cuts mean for many disabled pupils, including learners with special educational needs, attending their local schools has been made impossible. Funding for the support Disabled children need to participate equally, such as one to one support, therapists and specialist equipment, has been hard hit by cuts. More and more Disabled pupils have found themselves shut out from mainstream schools, even pushed out of the education system all together. If you want to live in a society which values difference, where Disabled people are included as equal citizens please join our call to make sure inclusive education gets the funding it desperately needs.
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    Created by Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE)
  • Plant 1.5 billion trees in the UK
    For the sake of our survival, we need bigger investment and urgency from our Government for our country and our planet if we are to make any real difference. We need 1.5 billion trees to be planted by 2050 and anything less is inadequate to this huge humanitarian, environmental and climate crisis we all face together.
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    Created by Farrah Fortnam Picture
  • Petition to remove no left turn restriction on Withycombe Road and Inner Park Road Southfields SW19
    It doesn't prevent people using this route, it just diverts traffic further down Wimbledon Park Side and into the roads where gas servicing road works are taking place. This is creating gridlocked traffic in residential roads, which were previously quiet, as the roads are mostly single lane due to the resident's parked cars. The knock-on effect of this is causing much heavier traffic along the A3 and routes leading into Wimbledon, Putney and Wandsworth. Due to this, people are now trying to access Wimbledon via earlier A3 exits and this has created gridlocked traffic at Coombe Lane and surrounding residential roads also. Scrap this terrible idea. My children's School is in Southfields. If this goes on longer than the pilot. I will be taking my children out and finding another School.
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    Created by Gemma Mernagh-Klein
  • Make Flaming Hot Monster Munch Vegan
    Hot Wotsits are vegan so why can't monster munch be vegan? I'm not even vegan but vegans deserve spicy feet shaped crisps.
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    Created by Dan Ormston
  • People are not pests
    The signatories of this petition wish to register our disgust at Southern Rail treating people begging at stations as pests. These people have slipped through the widening cracks of our society through bad luck and deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion, not as a nuisance. We demand an apology from Southern Rail and the immediate removal of all “Security” notices telling people not to encourage begging by giving money.
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    Created by Simon Brewin
  • Sustainable Confectionery Packaging
    Almost all (if not all) confectionery packaging is not recyclable today adding to the waste sent to landfill. This is crazy considering a lot of the main confectionery products used to be sold in recyclable packaging until recently. For example, Dairy Milk bars (Cadbury), Galaxy bars (Mars), Kit Kats (Nestle) all used to be in foil and paper until relatively recently, which could be recycled. Today all those bars are in plastic, the non-recyclable kind. Please sign the petition so we can show the big confectionery companies that their packaging matters and they actually need to return to their old packaging methods and expend that across their whole ranges.
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    Created by Martin Bannister
  • Call a general election
    This is extremely important because of the amount of people suffering due to the way the conservatives have governed. Businesses are suffering our economy is suffering and our image to the world has been damaged beyond belief. Britain is not acting like a democracy the conservatives are guilty of allowing foreign states to interfere in our rights to a fair vote
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    Created by Mark Lewis Picture
  • Mandatory Carbon emissions labeling
    We are in the mist of a climate emergency. We have little time to act and we have to make it easier for the consumers to make educated decisions on purchases. Currently we are still seeing a lot of businesses confusing or creating doubt about their products. This is not acceptable.
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    Created by Hanna Erikson Picture
  • Save Lionmede Park toilets in Chelmsford
    Chelmsford Council have had to close the public toilets in Lionmede park. They need to repair the underground waste pipes that have become damaged by the roots of nearby trees. BUT they've told us they won't do this EVER unless they see public support. Please show the Council that we want the toilet facilities re-opened for good. It is the only park nearby with toilets. It also has a kids play area, tennis courts, benches, picnic tables, goal posts and dog waste bins. Access to clean, hygienic toilets fulfils an important requirement for health and well-being, social inclusion and public decency. So many people locally benefit from those toilets being open including parents and children in the neighbourhood, older people living nearby, local people with a disability or health conditions such as IBS and prostate issues, pregnant ladies, dogwalkers, local childminders and local holiday clubs. A lack of access to public toilets can put people off visiting the park. For some this can lead to social isolation, and spending too much time indoors can lead to a lack of vitamin D that can cause skeletal deformities and poor development in children. The Lionmede park toilets are also used by people on their way into town from further afield if they're on foot or cycling. Knowing there are facilities on the way into town can make people feel more confident about using sustainable travel rather than getting in the car. Public urination has already become a problem in the park since the toilets have been closed, with children regularly observed relieving themselves in the bushes. It's a sad sight for people that want to build a better community for the next generation. The toilets at Lionmede Park even have a parking space, which is useful for local taxi drivers, ice cream van drivers and delivery drivers who spend a lot of time in their vehicles and struggle to park in the city centre for a quick break. 6 of the 13 public toilets across Chelmsford have been closed by the Council in the since 2012. There is no shop next to the park that could form part of a community toilet access scheme. Having those toilets open is important to ensure the park and the community continues to thrive. You can stop this from happening here. Please show your support!
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    Created by Claire Styles
  • I call on the British government to condemn the massacre of the Sudanese military regime
    Because the Sudanese regime killing the protesters & not let them express their right to peaceful demonstration .
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    Created by Mohamed Makawi Picture
  • Reinstate year 8 vocational subjects at Stanley Park School
    Children who find academic work challenging now have fewer option choices for vocational subjects which is discriminatory. For children looking to take vocational subjects in year 9, their options are now dance or home cooking. Any children hoping to pursue a career in any technical subject after secondary school, these option are of very little help. Forcing children in to subjects they show little vocation for will be an unwarranted distraction to schooling if the other children on these courses.
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    Created by Yasin Makda
  • Reduce single-use plastic waste in Chesterfield
    In 2016, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that by weight, there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish, as soon as 2050. Plastics are durable, strong and long-lasting – all positive elements until you realise that they will stay in our environment for up to an estimated 600 years. (Columbia University) Over 300 million tons of new plastic are made every year – half of which is for single use plastic, such as packaging and convenience foods. In many cases, such as plastic straws, takeaway food containers and coffee cups, there are practical alternatives available that are either reusable or sustainable. It is estimated that there are over 5.5 trillion pieces of plastic currently in our global ocean and over 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our seas each year. This equates to one refuse truck FULL of plastic every minute. Marine plastic leads to coastal / offshore dead zones, entanglement, death through ingestion, toxic transfer and, once degraded into microplastics, contamination of the food chain – including our own. We are quite literally eating the plastic that has ended up in our seas. Sign this petition so we can persuade the council to act on the issue of single-use plastic waste. *Image credit Ed Fordham taken at Chesterfield Borough Council, June 2019
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    Created by Greg Hewitt
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