• Make the Last Thursday in March the annual 'National Health Service Day'
    To let health care workers across the nation know how much they are appreciated all the time not just in times of need.
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    Created by Dave Jones
  • Student nurses loans to be cleared
    They have been through so much dealing with Coronavirus and also the fact that many have had to say goodbye to their children And their families to help save people’s lives and for all their hard work and risking their lives they deserve this.
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    Created by Angela Guthrie
  • Help NHS workers: cancel visa renewal fees for 12 months
    We are asking NHS staff to risk their lives working through the Covid19 crisis. Around 153,000 out of 1.2 million NHS staff are not UK Citizens. Many of these people will have to pay thousands of pounds to renew visas for themselves and their families, and pay a health surcharge fee over the coming 12 months. These NHS staff are risking their lives and the health of their loved ones. None of them should have to pay thousands of pounds to stay in the UK during this crisis. None of them should have to pay for NHS treatment if they get Covid19 whilst working for the NHS to save people’s lives through a global pandemic. We are asking the Home Office to cancel visa renewal fees and the health surcharge for the next 12 months for staff already working in the NHS in the UK. A fee waiver system already exists for exceptional cases so the procedures and systems are already in place for such a scheme to be implemented easily. More than ever the UK needs these dedicated NHS staff. Let’s show them how much we appreciate them. Cancel the visa charges.
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  • National NHS day
    Because we owe our lives to the fantastic work that the NHS does and it should be recognised as a public day where we give thanks for and wear a symbol or badge that all profits go to the NHS , As the symbol of Armistice is celebrated on 11 November every year I think that 5 July every year should be recognised as NHS Day as it’s inception was 5th July 1948 , We should have a day where we say thank you .
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  • Coronavirus - Key workers to get a bonus at the end of the crisis
    As a thank you to the countries key workers for the work they are doing for us, the people, during this health crisis.
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  • Fair pay for OVs and MHIs contracted to the FSA
    All of us risk our health in order to keep the meat on the shelves and we deserve fair conditions.
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    Created by Aleksandra Sekueva
  • BRITS STUCK IN OZ #bringthemhome
    Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Sydney. There are limited hotels to stay in and the only food available is take out. My mother is 70 years old and is classified as a high risk group and the longer she stays in the airport the more likely she is at risk of catching the virus. If she catches the virus in Sydney she will then have to self isolate very far from home and without care as she is travelling alone. Myself and other families just want our loved ones safely home.
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    Created by Sarah Brooke
  • Kerry Foods - Pay Furlough Pay of 100%
    Last year, Kerry Foods made £47 million profit after tax. Per head, they made over £18,000 profit after tax for every employee. With pockets so deep, Kerry Foods shouldn't force workers to pay for being temporarily laid off.
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    Created by Paddy Mackel
  • Bring home relatives from Australia
    We have relatives stuck out in Australia who need to come back to the UK. They cannot book flights home as some airlines have closed, please help us and sign this petition to get them home.
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  • Support for Agency Workers during the Coronavirus shutdown
    There are thousands of agency workers, such as myself, who would normally have work but have little or no work because the firms they usually work for have closed down. The Government has offered to pay up to 80% of the wages for employed people and will be announcing help for the self-employed but, so far, there has been no mention of the thousands of agency workers. During the current crisis we have no income if we do not work and without firms being open for business there is no demand for workers. We still have mouths to feed and bills to pay, just like the rest of society. We need the same level of support in order to make ends meet. Please send a clear message to the Government that they must support agency workers at this time of national crisis. Thank you.
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  • Please support Social Care Workers
    The NHS quite rightly is getting praise, but by focusing on the NHS, many many people are being forgotten. There are social workers working 12 hour shifts ensuring that people get care assessments. Social workers working in Emergency Duty Teams completing mental health assessments and children assessments. Care workers working long hours looking after the elderly in care homes. Care workers working long hours looking after the elderly and disabled in their homes. All are doing this in the community, many without a thought for their own safety as they seek to protect and support the most vulnerable in society. All are now going above and beyond to fight this virus. So please don't overlook the many as people focus on the NHS. As in any war it is not just the army who win the war. I feel sad that supermarkets are prioritising the NHS. Football clubs wanting to give away tickets to NHS workers. People campaigning to give medals to the NHS workers. There are thousands in the NHS working very hard and deserve the praise. But there are many thousands working equally as hard in the community who also deserve the recognition. Please include social care workers. At the moment they are the forgotten as everyone rushes to praise and support the NHS.
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  • Care workers
    They find it hard When going shopping because everything has been sold by the time they have finished work late at night.
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