• Ban highly toxic lead fishing weights
    Though the angling industry is directed by the likes of the World Health Organisation to remove lead from angling as it is a poison the industry fails to do so. Lead angling weights are known to cause humans, especially infants, a plethora of serious ill effects including: cancers, birth defects and brain diseases. Lead fishing weights are also proven to be hugely negative within the environment causing the death and harm to a multitude of life forms, from invertebrate life through to bird life. Only recently the European Chemical Agency have released a comprehensive report again highlighting the huge amount of ill effects to both humans and the environment. Unfortunately the angling trade 'protects' this product due to the huge profits made even though the facts about the harm caused by its manufacture and use are evident, and substantially proven. Just think, lead has been removed from the majority of walks of life because of its toxicity but not in angling - basically because there is no oversight and the industry is unregulated. Anglers now lose 1000's of tons into the environment each year through the insane practice of 'dumping' their leads when playing a fish resulting in further damage to the planet - one noted scientist, Vernon Thomas, stated this was now at a level where it should be classed as an environmental time bomb waiting to explode. You can no longer go in to a toy shop and buy lead soldiers due to their toxicity but you can go into any tackle shop and purchase lead angling weights. Lead has been removed from everything, from paint through to petrol but not from angling and all because of flawed profiteering. This is an out of sight issue to the general public that is very real and is harming the environment of a massive but unreported scale. In our day and age protection of the environment is paramount but this huge issue is being ignored. There are plenty of non toxic alternatives but the angling trade would not find these as profitable so they continue to sell lead regardless of the damage it is doing. Common sense needs to prevail and lead angling weights need to be fully banned - the irony is that lead angling weights under 1 oz are already banned due to their toxicity! One final thought - what impact will all this lead that is now lost into the environment have within our drinking water going forward? There is so much at risk here, this is not a case of scaremongering but the highlighting of something the fishing industry promotes purely for profit regardless of the consequences - fact!
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    Created by Simon Pomeroy
  • Protect our community!
    Elswick is an area which has been forgotten by Newcastle City Council, we have been branded an area which needs regeneration. The anti social behaviour and crime rates are already problematic. Within the near by vacinity of the premises, we have a park, schools, places of worship; and granting this licence would no doubt have a detrimental effect on all these places. The reason that licences are applied for are so that there is a tighter control in order to prevent crime and anti social behaviour, however the approval of the premises licence for Newcastle Backpackers will no doubt have the opposite result. The licence will permit alcohol to be sold for consumption on and off the premises from 11am until 11pm with the additional application that resident can bring back guests and consume alcohol 24 hours a day. As immediate neighbours we already deal with noise nuisance, racial abuse, litter and general antisocial behaviour daily. Granting this licence will no doubt cause a rise in antisocial behaviour and crime thus putting even more of a strain on our Police force. In addition the premises does not have any off street parking, residents of the nearby streets already suffer from people parking in front of their homes, so they have no place to park, we already suffer from people drinking on the streets and in the park, people already feel scared to walk through these streets. Recently a 46 year old gentleman was attacked, and sadly died from his injuries, at the Chesterfield Pub which is only along the street and is owned by the same person as Newcastle Backpackers, with a Premises licence comes an additional duty of care and neither of these Premises have any security to control any potential antisocial behaviour. We have a duty of care for our neighbours and our community as a whole, we hope that you stand behind our opposition to this licence being granted and help us by signing! Thank you.
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    Created by zita de sousa gomes ali
  • Stop the Closure Of the Post Office in Middleton Manchester
    The Post Office Is a Centralised Hub That Closing Can Only lead to jobs Being Lost and hardship for Business. The public will also suffer and is not able to provide the service as Efficiently. The Elderly and Children will find it difficult as the service will inevitably lead to longer queuing time.
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  • Keep the Post Office Open In Middleton, Manchester
    The Town badly needs the post office for business needs and to serve the local people especially the elderly. the proposed alternative would not meet demand and we believe is only a stepping stone to closing once the majority of business and the public find alternatives-it is the centre of town and is always busy
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  • Traffic Lights at the Field Head Roundabout
    It is becoming very dangerous trying to leave the roundabout with the amount of Morning traffic. People are just rushing out and it’s dangerous someone is going to get killed.
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  • High Beech School transport, our children's lives are worth more.
    This change in service is endangering the lives and safety of the children that are being forced to use the service. This change is also endangering the children not using the service by causing greater traffic volumes outside the school.
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    Created by Ellen COOPER
  • Stop the lion and tiger tug-of-war 'attraction'
    Dartmoor zoo are selling tickets for £15 each to have a tug-of-war with a captive lion or a tiger. It's cruel and shows a total lack of respect for these beautiful majestic wild animals. It feels like we're going backwards, the zoo is acting more like a circus rather than somewhere that really cares about the health and safety of the endangered animals in their captivity. The zoo claims it's to give the animals intellectual exercise and fun, but it comes across as putting profits before the animal's welfare. There are plenty of ways that experienced professionals can care for the rare animals, without turning them in to a novelty play thing for tourists.
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    Created by Sue Dally
  • Support and Protect Asylum Seekers Adequately
    Those of us that are UK citizens are very lucky in that we don't have to leave our homes, countries, friends and neighbours just to be able to live in safety. Some people need to leave their homes. Instead of always supporting these people, the Home Office can detain them, despite no criminal offence being committed. Asylum seekers also only get very small payments from the government, and as they are often not allowed to work, it can be very hard to live off these payments. Also, LGBTQ+ people should not have to 'prove' that their sexual orientation to be granted asylum as this cannot really be done, and people may very well have hid their sexual orientation to keep themselves safe in their home countries due to fears of discrimination, violence or death from either their governments or wider society. Asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. They should be offered protected which the Home Office currently appears to be failing to provide in many cases.
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    Created by Jo Capp
  • Make our school crossing safer for everyone
    Following a recent accident and many near misses, we urgently need changes to make the crossing outside Martin Primary School, East Finchley safer for all users. A child and parent were hit and injured by a car on the crossing outside Martin Primary School on the High Road (A1000), East Finchley on Monday 4 February. There have been two more near misses in the past week, when drivers failed to stop at the red light as families were crossing. These are the latest in a series of collisions and near misses around that crossing. It is essential that children are able to cross the road safely on their way to and from school. And it is not just our children who need a safer crossing: this crossing is also widely used by the local community as a key route to and from the library, bus stops, allotments, churches and local shops. We urgently need a thorough review of safety outside Martin Primary School, including the junctions with surrounding roads and the High Road and a commitment to implement changes to improve safety. The Walksafe campaign in 2012 urged the Council to make changes to the crossing to improve the safety of walking routes to the school including these traffic lights. Many improvements were made then, but need for changes to the traffic lights was to be kept under review. That review is now due. Much has changed since 2012: Martin Primary School now has almost 50% more pupils, the school building and field are now more heavily used by community groups in evenings and weekends; and the Archer Academy is now fully established, bringing extra school children into the area. We need a new transport study to understand how the road works now and swift implementation of changes to improve safety. This petition has been started by a group of parents and East Finchley residents. We hope all our neighbours in East Finchley and everyone who visits the area will support this. For more information or to help with this campaign, please email SafeCrossingN2@gmail.com If you have witnessed dangerous driving at this crossing, please report it to the police via: https://www.met.police.uk/ro/report/rti/report-a-road-traffic-incident/
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  • A crossing for Station Road at North Street
    Station Road is a Main road through March Town but there is no crossing at all except for one right in the middle of the town. The catchment areas for 2 primary schools mean that many parents and children (including myself with a 2 year old and a 6 year old) have to cross this road daily. If they were to use the only crossing they would incur a detour which would make the journey to school roughly another mile long or more. Added to this is the fact that a nursery and several childminders are on the school side of the road so a lot of children have to cross a busy road at a busy time of day and it can often take 10-15 minutes extra just to cross this road safely. There is no route to any other school from my area which would mean children would have to cross a busy road without a dedicated crossing however parents can't get their children into these schools as they are 'not in catchment'. Because of this parents are routinely forced to run the gauntlet of this road with their children or to use their cars to get their children safely to school (which isn't particularly friendly to the pocket, the environment or our children's health).
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  • Save the Saving People Shelter – Persons Unknown v the NHS
    In November 2018 local people entered an old GP surgery owned by the NHS and left empty for 9 years to provide life- saving shelter for homeless people at risk of dying on the street. The Shelter provides a bed, warmth and food for up to 15 residents. Since opening it has supported residents to access health care, mental health services, help for drug and alcohol, benefits, training and employment. It has successfully found move on accommodation for many and NOT ONE of its residents has left to the street. In December 2018, the NHS issued court proceedings to evict the shelter and its residents, claiming they want to sell the building on the open market and that the Council and GMCA have told them that they will not support the Shelter staying open, as they already have enough accommodation for all. On 31st January 2019 an outright possession order was made and the NHS planned to evict the residents with High Court bailiffs on 4th February 2019. The Judge refused to allow residents to be named in the proceedings – they therefore remain “Persons Unknown”. However, on 1st February, a Judge granted a stay of execution pending the Shelter’s appeal. This is only a temporary reprieve and the threat of eviction is still very real. Most of the residents fear that even if offered temporary accommodation in a church hall, night shelter or far away Bed and Breakfast, they will end up back on the streets, because the accommodation is not suitable for their needs. The eviction and the closure of the Shelter can be avoided if the NHS, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Salford City Council, Andy Burnham and GMCA have the will to save it. We all know there isn’t accommodation for every homeless person that needs it and that the accommodation that is in place doesn’t meet every homeless person’s needs. This successful Shelter has been set up by local and homeless people working together finding a way to save lives and end homelessness. It is grass roots, community led, and has homeless people at its heart. Please show your support by signing our petition.
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    University Students are finding themselves in relative poverty and facing evictions as a result of Universal Credit and Housing Benefit assessing Student Loans as income. University students accrue debts for student loans in order to pay for course tuition fees and maintenance costs. Interest rates, on a sliding scale from 3.1% on a sliding scale up to 6.1% are charged from the day students receive the first loan instalment, although this amount is set by the Government and revised annually. However, this alone is a Human Rights Violation. The United Nations committee that oversees the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) has stated: "Higher education shall be made equally accessible to all on the basis of capacity, by every appropriate means, and in particular by the progressive introduction of free education". Despite this, students are realising the importance of a Higher Education for themselves and their children, to enable a better standard of living away from the reliance on minimum wage jobs, (often zero hour contracts)which is likely to result in reliance of welfare "top-ups". Yet they are being sanctioned from Universal Credit because of their eligibility of the student loan this results in a loss of housing benefits. We are now seeing students, many of which are parents of young children, living in poverty with a reliance on foodbanks, facing eviction and suffering mental health issues. Besides the ICESCR, the UK Human Rights Act 1998 gives effect to European Convention rights. One of those provides that: "No person shall be denied the right to education." European case law suggests that states are under an obligation to afford an effective right of access to institutions of higher education that exist. Yet we are hearing repeatedly that university students are being advised by governmental departments to give up their studies in order to claim full benefits! We, therefore, are asking you if you are insistent on expecting students to pay their own fees and maintenance with a repayable loan, then view it as a loan when assessing them!
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