• Pesticide free Kirklees
    Insect numbers have plummeted by 60% in the last 40 years. Biodiversity has reduced through poisoning with pesticides and the over-management of grassland areas. Kirklees owned land could become a haven for insects and other wildlife. Citizens could be made aware of the positive approach to biodiversity that has been adopted by the council and, as a bonus, it would save money by reducing the amount of times areas are mowed and ceasing the purchase of pesticides. There are other methods to control weeds where this is absolutely necessary, such as hot foam application and manual cutting. Hundreds of councils are already pesticide free, including Wadebridge, Lewes and Hammersmith so there is a precedent.
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    Created by clare walters
  • Save Askern and Campsall Swimming Baths
    It is important to our Local community to have the access to leisure and exercise facilities within a 2 mile radius of our local area, which are inclusive and there for all ages enjoyment and public use without the fear of any exclusion. It is essential that these facilities are on a public transport route, with the bus stop within close proximity of the amenities as not all families and older people are privileged enough to own a vehicle to access the baths. This facility is there for the use of at least five villages and a town and must remain open to support and provide much needed recreation for ALL ages, in a place where there are very little amenities already to entertain and promote a Healthy Lifestyle. The Closure and subsequent relocation of the facilities to Campsmount Academy is unsuitable. It makes very little sense to install new facilities in an unsuitable location, when the funds could be spent on improving and modernising the existing facility.
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    Created by Sarah Winkley
  • Declare Culloden Battlefield a UNESCO World heritage site
    The Events of Culloden and the events that followed not only changed the face of Scotland to this day they changed the lives of thousands of people living around the world who are descended from Scots fleeing the events of Culloden and the events that followed. Culloden is hugely significant not only was it the last battle fought on the British Isles. Its deep and lasting impact can be felt by thousands of people who may well have been Scots had their ancestors Not fled or were subject to persecution for sedition
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  • Great Western Railway - #BringBackTheBuffet
    Great Western Railway (GWR) has started the roll out of its new Intercity Express Trains servicing various routes including long distance ones such London to Penzance and London to South Wales. Despite GWR’s claims that the new trains provide passengers with ‘more space, more comfort’, its actions tell a different story. With a total disregard for the passenger experience, GWR has removed the buffet car from its new trains. On-train buffets provide passengers (who often travelling long journeys) with a proper catering service that has the option of hot meals and can be accessed at their convenience. When the trains were in design, the RMT consistently warned the Government and GWR that the removal of the buffet car would lead to a deterioration in the service for passengers. Despite this, GWR has ploughed ahead and replaced it with a trolley service, which of course can only provide passengers with a much more limited choice. Coupled with passenger concerns about the lack of comfort in the new trains , it is clear that GWR has chosen profit over the passenger experience. This is despite the fact that rail passengers in the UK pay the highest rail fares in Europe. The publically owned LNER franchise, which operates the East Coast mainline, is also introducing a new fleet of the same Intercity Express Trains – however, a key difference is that all of the new LNER trains retain the buffet car. This makes it clear that the lack of a buffet service in the GWR trains is purely down to a lack of will on the part of GWR. The dedicated GWR catering staff rightly recognise that their passengers deserve a proper catering service on the new trains and therefore the RMT is demanding that GWR reinstates the buffet car in all of its Intercity Express Trains without delay. Furthermore, to safeguard the provision of the buffet service on the Greater Western route, the Department for Transport (DfT) must ensure that future franchise contracts specify a requirement for the buffet car. Please sign this petition and share it widely as part of the campaign to #BringBackTheBuffet
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    Created by Sophie Ward
  • Please designate Stoke Lodge as Local Green Space
    The importance of Stoke Lodge to the local community is strongly-felt, widespread and enduring: ● Two applications for Town or Village Green status show the strength of feeling about this space. The Inspector at the first TVG concluded that all tests for TVG status were met apart from one (‘as of right’ access) which is not relevant to the test for LGS. ● Our community has raised substantial funds and committed significant time over a sustained period to maintain access as of right. ● Over 4,100 Bristolians signed a petition calling on the Council to protect open access. ● Stoke Lodge has not one but two supporters’ groups, with over 1,800 members in aggregate who devote significant amounts of time not just to campaigning but also to gardening and other voluntary projects to protect and improve this amazing space. Please revise your assessment of Stoke Lodge. It is the epicentre of a community and is unique and irreplaceable – it fulfils all the criteria for Local Green Space and we strongly believe it should be given the higher level of protection.
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  • Make Wychavon District Pesticide-Free
    We want to safeguard our public spaces and local wildlife for all generations and encourage biodiversity in our environment by eliminating the use of pesticides in the Wychavon District. There are many health concerns surrounding the use of pesticides. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that over 350,000 people die every year from acute pesticide poisoning. Moreover, this figure does not include deaths from cancer or other chronic diseases caused by pesticide exposure. Glyphosphate has been identified and declared by the WHO to 'probably' cause cancer, but it has also been linked to infertility problems, respiratory issues, birth defects and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Whilst Glyphosphate has more publicly been subject to scrutiny, in the most recent UK-wide survey (April 2018), there were a reported 38 different types of pesticide used in the towns and cities of the UK. Pesticides can also easily contaminate the air, ground and water having a devastating effect on our local wildlife (insects, birds, animals and aquatic life) and the environment. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies are also suffering severe population losses too. A 2017 study revealed a 76% decline in flying insects since 1990. We want our children, families, pets and visitors to our local parks and public places to be able to live, work, play and walk around in these areas safely without the risk of exposure to potentially harmful and unnecessary chemicals. Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and the elderly are particularly at risk. There are already safe alternatives to pesticide use which has been put in place in other locations across the UK and as such, there is a wealth of information and research available from other controlled studies to show that it is possible to control unwanted weeds and pests with pesticide-free methods. One of these adopted by other UK councils is the use of Hot Foam. This has been put into place by Lewes District Council, Wadebridge town, Glastonbury council and Hammersmith and Fulham (London Boroughs). So, why not Wychavon, too? More information can be found on the Pesticide Actions Network UK website: http://www.pan-uk.org
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    Created by Charlotte Hartley
  • Age Gap Tax: Stop Pensioners in Hastings & Rye Missing Out
    From 15 May 2019 a pensioner whose partner has not reached State Pension age yet will no longer be able to claim Pension Credit and Housing Benefit. This could affect many ‘mixed age couples’ in Hastings and Rye, which has a higher than average older population and, as we know, is also one of the most deprived places in England. Some mixed age couples could lose up to £7000 a year which would push many below the poverty line. We are asking our local MP, and Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, to stand up for pensioners in her constituency and protect them from the Age Gap Tax
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    Created by David Hannam
  • Save Stoborough Nursery
    Stoborough Nursery has served the community of Stoborough and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Over this time the Nursery and School have enjoyed a happy and productive working relationship. Recently however there has been tension regarding the rent of the land and buildings. We understand the need to increase Nursery’s rent, but we believe that the proposed amount of £1750 a term (a 400% increase), coming into effect this September is not reasonable or fair. We do not believe this sum accurately reflects the Nursery’s use of the building and land, or takes into account the financial investment the Nursery has made in improving and maintaining the nursery building and garden over the years. The Nursery is a not for profit charity and paying this unreasonable sum would not be sustainable. The Nursery would have no option other than to shut its doors to the numerous families currently using its services – many of which are part of your school community. We argue that you are not taking into account your obligations to the many families and community members that will be affected by the closure of the Nursery.
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    Created by Brian Collins
  • Hackney Council - don't force a family into a dangerously unsuitable hostel
    Margaret has been living in temporary accommodation in Marian Court, Homerton, for more than 3 years. The block of flats is due to be demolished and the council wants it cleared by the end of the month. Hackney Council is trying to force Margaret, who is a full-time carer for her disabled mother and daughter, into a hostel. Although both Margaret's daughter and mother require 24/7 care, they would have rooms far apart in the hostel. She would find it impossible to give them both the constant care they need and is in extreme distress. The shared kitchen in the hostel would also be dangerous given Margaret's daughter severe allergies. The move would be extremely distressing for Margaret and her family. Hackney Council must promise not to force Margaret out of Marian Court until they can offer her permanent accommodation that meets her family's needs. https://www.itv.com/news/london/2019-04-14/mother-fears-being-forced-into-a-hostel-as-council-struggles-to-find-permanent-home/
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    Created by R Shin
  • Stop the Noise
    Noise from motorcycles and sports cars have increased in London over the last decade. Leaving your window open on a sunny night is no longer an option for people who don't want to be woken up by someone who has intentionally made their motorbike/car noisier than it needs to be. Motorcyclists with loud exhausts wear especially designed ear plugs to protect their hearing from their own exhaust pipes. But pedestrians, cyclists, children and old people simply have to put up with with it. You may know the feeling, as you walk along the street, suddenly the loud bang of a motorbike or sports-car revs up right behind you from nowhere. That feeling is the stress hormone cortisol being released into your blood stream. Research from universities including Oxford and Imperial College has found that that unnecessary stress from traffic noise has become one of the country's most significant urban health threats, increasing the prevalence of heart disease, stroke and even diabetes. This is all the more frustrating because the motorbikes and cars that are making the most noise were built to regulation with mufflers, and then illegally modified to make them as noisy as possible. This is not just an avoidable problem, it's a problem that has been deliberately created just because a few people like it at the expense of everybody else's mental and physical health.
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    Created by Thomas Corbett
  • Traffic lights for Carley/Thompson road junction in Sunderland.
    Tonight there has been a bad car crash on this awful junction. The lack of lights on this junction leads to daily near misses on an incredibly busy cross roads and it is only time before somebody is killed. It is essential pressure is put on the City Council to install these lights and also to ensure that they are not able to claim that they were unaware of the problems on this junction. If they fail to deal with the issues on this junction they need to be aware that local voters will hold them responsible for their failure to keep local people safe.
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    Created by Phillip Turton
    Despite the Housing Act 2004, there is still a recognised national shortfall in Gypsy and Traveller site pitches. This means that one in four Gypsies and Travellers are considered homeless because they do not have a legal place to park their home. Gypsies and Travellers are also often subjected to hostility due having to set up their own unauthorised encampments. Therefore, they are constantly receive racist abuse, threats, discrimination and bad media press, which can lead to high levels of anxiety and depression. However, at the heart of resolving these issues is the provision of adequate and appropriate sites for Gypsies and Travellers. As a result, every Gypsy and Traveller in the UK should have THE RIGHT TO A SITE!!
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    Created by Charlotte Greenhow
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