• Stop precious forests being destroyed to make chocolate
    Precious forests teeming with life are cleared so palm oil can be produced. This is used in a range of products, including chocolate. This has a devastating effect on the environment and it can harm endangered species, such as orangutans. Palm oil production damages some of the world’s most precious forests, destroying the habitat of already endangered species like the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino.
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  • To save gorse hill farm from being closed down
    We support this farm and we want to keep it open
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    Created by Harry Burton
  • Protect the fox
    This is extremely important as the fox is one of very few of our native species not currently protected under this act and the animal welfare act
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    Created by Jay Leadbetter Picture
  • Remove Sir Richard Bransons Knighthood
    Knighthoods should be an honour given to people who do outstanding work in their field or for the greater good. What Sir Richard Branson did to the NHS by suing them and taking £2,000,000 from needed patient care, and ordinary peoples operations. Clearly shows that he cares nothing about what damage to other peoples lives his actions inflict and therefore does not deserve the accolade that his Knighthood confirms.
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  • Consultation on proposed changes to the Cambridgeshire Council's Adult Social Care charging policy
    There was a review last year and cuts were made. This year the cuts look even more menacing. We say that there must be other cuts the Council can make and if we withdraw from the EU we will have more cash to support our elderly and disabled.
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    Created by Derk Fit
  • Give Next plc staff Boxing Day off
    Prevents staff spending time with family at an important time of the year for people and makes people work unreasonable early hours on Boxing Day.
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    Created by Jack McKelvie
  • Save our choice 4u club
    We now have in excess of 80 club members with nowhere to socialise on our prior club days. Breaking friendships and social skills...please sign our petition and help keep us open
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    Created by Michelle Stark
    Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) intend is to sanction building of housing in an area north of St Nicholas Church up to the Stevenage boundary. An outline planning application has been lodged with SBC for 800 homes. This land is dear to the hearts of hundreds of people both locally and much further afield as the land which the 20th century author E M Forster described as the loveliest in England. It is adjacent to his childhood home and is entirely Green belt. Building of these homes will mean a huge loss of amenity for ALL of Stevenage. North Hertfodshire have also proposed building on the adjacent area to the north. Apert from the heritage aspect many residents use this land for walking, running, exercising their dogs and horse riding.It is virtually the only remaining green lung in the north of Stevenage.
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    Created by John Spiers
  • Childcare cost
    It's important because I've had to drop down from 5 days to 3days work due to childcare cost being excessive. As a single mother 3 days is still crippling my pockets. I just don't understand why the 15/30hours free is not given at an early stage as maternity pay typically finishes at 9 months forcing most mothers to go back to work. To get the free hours at a younger age would be a great insensitive for more mothers to go back to work without the huge stress off cutting down on days and being financially unstable. What's the point in going back to work to use your pay for childcare costs? When we have other household bills that need paying and families to support.
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    Created by Giuseppina Manna
  • Green number plates for clean vehicles. Red for dirty ones.
    To promote awareness of emissions from high polluting vehicles.
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  • Save Our Citizens Advice
    So many families and Individuals depend on Citizens Advice to inform them of their rights from anything to benefits to employment. Many people are treated unfairly because of their circumstances and are taken advantage of by various organisations and individuals. If Citizens Advice were to go these vulnerable people and families would have no-one to fight for them and remain trapped in their circumstances.
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  • Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging
    It is important to have packaged things to be accessible for people either on the go or with disabilities, but it does not mean that the negative environmental impact should be disregarded. Keep these items packaged, just change the packaging.
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    Created by Samirah Yasmin