• Let's get defibrillators in every entertainment venue
    I feel this is hugely important and could save many lives just as the Christian Eriksen incident of 2021 Euros has proven.
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    Created by Tracey Mark
  • Brookwood Cemetery opening times
    Most cemeteries across the country change their opening hours in the summer, however Brookwood can only offer up parking at the station, which requires you to purchase a ticket. Their excuse is that they have shift workers which if anything makes things easier for them as they can push back the shift pattern to stay open later.
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    Created by Nahdia Aadil-Ahmed
  • Cheadle and Gatley club house
    Create a community hub in heald green , by converting a club house use to an evening community bar and day time cafe at cross roads
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    Created by Richard Hubbard
  • CPR to be taught in Schools
    You never know when you may need to use those skills. They could save someone's life
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    Created by Lyndsay White
  • Increase Funding from central government to Cheshire East Council
    We are particularly concerned about road maintenance and the closure of Congleton’s Household Waste & Recycling Centre. We acknowledge that funding grants from central government to local authorities has DECREASED BY OVER HALF since 2010. Cheshire East Council does its utmost to support those with the greatest need, however year on year cuts mean that services must evolve to adapt to the funding it receives. Without more funding the loss of some services and a deterioration of road standards are inevitable.
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    Created by Heather Seddon
  • Justice for Sexual Assault Victims
    This is so wrong as it leaves the victim feeling defeated, angry and that justice wasn't served! This will have a detrimental effect on their mental health and recovery. Furthermore, it leaves thousands of people at risk because the perpetrator is free to recidivise!
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    Created by Natalie Sherlock
  • Extend the Road Closure of Eastleigh's High Street and Market Street
    A significant number of Eastleigh residents have enjoyed the roads being closed due to COVID-19, and would like to see them remain closed. Eastleigh representatives of Hampshire County Council would like the opportunity to do a full consultation to ascertain if the the roads should remain closed. Pedestrianisation of towns has had great success in boosting a town's economy, including the neighbouring cities of Southampton and Winchester.
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    Created by Darren Olivier
  • Repairs to Bridge B5605 Newbridge
    The B5605 provides critical road links between communities Newbridge, Cefn Mawr, Rhosymedre and Ruabon and also Chirk to the south. This is causing major disruption to local residents and businesses and also provides critical diversionary route from the A483. In the event of closures on or planned works on the A483 it means a fifteen mile division via Llangollen which is unacceptable.
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    Created by Sonia Benbow Jones
  • NHS to Give IVF twice
    As amazing as it is the NHS already give us one chance, I feel This is important because so many people now seem to have some trouble with conceiving as many more women have got infertility problems. This can be such things as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Endometriosis, which effect 1/10 women. Having 1 lot of IVF puts a lot of strain on a woman and not only the whole lm time worrying about being pregnant but a women’s stress levels double which also can cause women to miscarry or not conceive that time. I feel if women knew they have 2 chances it would take a lot of strain off us women. It costs couples thousands of pounds to go through IVF each and every time and not only if the 1st one fails it then makes it difficult for a couple to keep going through it day to day, thinking they might not ever have them, working so hard to get the money for a second try. I have seen people not have any children because it’s wore at their relationship. I know this isnt cost effective but I know it would help with so many relationships and hope to be families. I never realised how many people struggle daily with not being able to have a family.
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    Created by Chantelle Douglas
  • HMO-NO
    Its been 15 years since the arrival of the housing act and HMO-NO believes it’s time for a change. Students are being exploited by overpriced poor quality housing
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    Created by James Catchpole
  • Abolish the Bedroom Tax
    The tax reduces the amount of housing benefits a household receives depending on how many spare bedrooms their house has. This is a problem as it is increasing poverty and leading to people getting forcibly evicted from their homes as they are unable to pay rent. in Leeds alone, 101 households who moved into new social housing had left their previous residents due to this bill. With the reduction of benefits, they were unable to pay their rent and support their families, so they ended up getting evicted from their properties.
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    Created by Harrison Zemura
  • Increase and maintain the support for the homeless after COVID
    The COVID pandemic has meant that the issues regarding homelessness have been in the spotlight, and therefore, it has been more important to address them during a time of need. The problem is that it has taken such a pandemic to take action, once COVID has become apart of the past what is it to say that homelessness will lose its funding and attention. Both the unemployed and homeless people face the return back to the streets of the UK when there is less priority to keep those vulnerable safe from such virus. This is why it is important to sustain the level of support that has been given over the past year, and to possibly increase it in order to meet the 2024 goals of eradicating homelessness.
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    Created by Joey Leigh