• Save Tramways Bowling Green for Pilrig
    The Tramways Bowling Club, now closed, goes back over a hundred years. Their green was gifted to them by the old Edinburgh Tramways Company. Lothian Buses inherited it by pure luck. Now they want to take it from the local community and sell it to a private developer, flying in the face of Edinburgh Council's policy to provide more green spaces. It is totally unsuited for commercial development, being situated in the corner of a quiet crescent in the corner of Pilrig and surrounded by homes. A local charity, with the agreement of the club, were going to turn it into a public garden for the local population. Edinburgh Council own Lothian Buses and should tell them to hand the site over.
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  • Support Manor Farm Dog & Sports Complex
    For over 6 years now we as a family have taken pride in caring for the Manor Farm 22 acre site. When we moved in it was heading into ruins with vandalism and lack of care. My family and I were welcomed by the local residents and community and we felt obligated to do what we can to make this site enjoyable to all. In doing so we have been pleased to offer our dog day care and dog homeboarding service since 2014 along side all of the other benefits to the site. Many of you may have heard of our dog cafe that opened 3 years ago in Wythenshawe called "The Beach Dog Cafe". We have now moved our cafe to this muched loved site. In order to do this planning permission is required. And since our overall concept is unique some of our other services are being reviewed. So we need your help.  We know our ambitions are big for our Manor Farm site and the service we offer and we are looking for support to help bolster our application. Our 22 acre site will be more than a café and day care, it will be a focal point for the community - combining sports, outdoor recreation, a dog café, as well as a rewarding dog day care and dog home boarding service.  And if that wasn’t enough, we will have indoor space for small gatherings, exercise and fitness, as well as workshops and space for community organisations.  The Manor Farm site located in Timperley has lacked a  purpose for many years now but we feel combining these interests will offer fun, exercise, mental wellbeing along with community spirit for all to enjoy.   Please support us by signing our petition to grant planning permission to open our doors. Many thanks From Tony, Tania & all of our staff
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  • Wooton cinema
    It would mean a lot to me as this cinema is one of the oldest in the United Kingdom and if it goes we again our losing apart of history in they area this cinema has been here for 93 years and as announced it is closing its doors for the final time which would not only be a shame as the history in the building alone as the movies this cinema has shown over its 93 years
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  • Approve funding for Nadia's educational and social placement at Foxes Academy
    I'm writing on behalf of a dear friend and colleague who is currently experiencing injustice from Stoke Council in relation to her daughter's special educational needs. Stoke Local Authority are currently denying Nadia the funding that she needs to go to a college where she can gain recognised qualifications that will allow her to gain a job in the hospitality industry and to gain the skills she needs to live as independently as possible. Nadia should have the same rights as any young person in achieving her goals of becoming independent and working and contributing to society in a meaningful way. Too many people with special educational needs are being turned down the opportunity by their local authorities to gain the educational and social environment they so need to enable them to reach their potential in life. Nadia, Celeste's 20 year old daughter has Downs Syndrome and significant developmental delay. Despite her special needs, Nadia is a strong-minded, confident and perceptive young woman. Nadia is very able to express her wishes and needs but I think because she has a stammer the council think she is incapable of having any ideas about her future. She has strong views on her plans for her future and wants to be as independent as she can and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Celeste has always supported Nadia in her wishes and needs. She has had to fight for Nadia's rights, especially educational, all of Nadia's life. She is now having to take Nadia's case to appeal but this won't happen until November and Nadia needs to start college in September. Nadia is very distressed about not knowing what is going to happen to her future aims. Celeste has jumped through all of the hoops that the council have asked of her and she is currently receiving no information back from them. Foxes Academy are offering Open Days to their new recruits so that they can look around the facilities and the accommodation but Nadia can not go as she is not guaranteed a place. This is having a major impact on her mental health. Celeste is not the only parent struggling with the lack of information, and sometimes tactics, that the local authority offer. Most parents end up giving up at the last hurdle as they are too emotionally and financially exhausted to deal with the obstacles that the LA put in place. Please can we put pressure on Stoke Council to allow Nadia to go to Foxes. It will not only be an investment in Nadia's future contribution to society but may also end up being a cheaper alternative than other measures that will need to be put in place to allow Nadia some independence.
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  • Save The Larkshall Pub
    A Local Pub provides a central base for many community activities , A meeting place for Residents who may live alone , Quiz teams, Local Crib / Darts Leagues ,
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  • KCC bus pass refund
    KCC have not provided the bus service to school so we should be given a refund for the months that the school children didn't use the bus.
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  • Don’t move Brampton Post Office ! Cambridgeshire
    Post Office officials propose to close Brampton’s post office located on the High Street opposite the Institute and relocate it as a till-point in the NISA store at the junction of Miller Way and West End. We are extremely concerned that if it was to be moved to the Brampton Nisa on Miller Way, this would be a less convenient location for most people in the village. This proposal by the Post Office officials, if it were to proceed would add hundreds of vehicles to our seriously congested High Street, Miller Way and along West End. We are also very concerned about the likely increase in motor traffic, increase in air pollution, increased parking and road safety concerns if the Post Office was to move from a central village location toward the westerly end of the village. Mike Shellens HIgh Street Brampton Cambridgeshire
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  • Make sure no child in the UK goes hungry
    The coronavirus pandemic will dramatically increase unemployment and poverty. Many people are already struggling to put food on the table and this is only going to get worse. The government needs to act fast to stop children in the UK going hungry. A lack of nutrition at an early age can cause huge problems later on in life and stops children from being able to concentrate at school. One of the solutions recommended by the national food strategy is to expand free school meals and holiday hunger schemes from children for all households on universal credit. It’s a simple way to help ensure children across the UK are getting enough food to eat.
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  • Introduce a £2 maximum stake for online betting games and slots
    Addictive gambling websites that allow people to potentially bet hundreds of pounds every minute are plunging people into life-changing debt. In 2019 the government introduced a new £2 maximum stake on betting terminals in high street bookmakers but no such limits apply when gambling online. It’s never been easier to gamble online with hundreds of websites and apps available for those who wish to take part but with no maximum bet it means that people with gambling problems are at risk of falling through the cracks During the COVID-19 crisis the amount of money being wagered online has increased at an alarming rate where people have switched from betting shops to online gambling. If the government sees hundreds of thousands of us have signed a petition calling them to crack down on highly addictive online slots and games, it could be enough to persuade them to introduce a £2 maximum bet and change people's lives for the better.
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  • STOP Tesco’s selling caged eggs now!
    STOP Tesco’s and other establishments using this barbaric treatment of these innocent creatures!... To bring awareness of what supermarkets are honestly ensuring regarding sustainable cruelty free sourcing.. To be aware of what supermarket chains are in fact working toward by improving all animal welfare!
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  • Cadbury “Shrink-flation” Stop downsizing bars
    Customers have the right to choose. Cadbury are using the obesity issue to reduce further the size of bars in multipacks has gone down over the last 5 years and should be stopped from their “shrinkflation” excuses to profit even further than they already do with their multi packs.
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  • Viagogo: Refund customers for cancelled events
    Thousands of people are being left out of pocket after buying tickets for events before the coronavirus crisis, Multiple events including music festivals have either been cancelled due to the pandemic but leading ticket website Viagogo are refusing to refund customers. Viagogo are instead claiming the events have been postponed, even when the organisers confirm they have been cancelled. Viagogo have a history of dodgy dealings with many claiming they are a glorified ticket tout and have been criticised in the past by leading figures in the music industry, MP’s and campaign groups. Sign the petition today to make sure customers are not left out of pocket for events they can no longer attend
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