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04/06/14 - Great News! Thousands of licensees will be protected from unfair business practices in the pub industry and our nation's pubs protected following today’s Government announcement which unveils plans for a Pubs Adjudicator and Statutory Code. See here for more http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/2014/06/04/campaign-win-end-the-pubco-scandal/

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We call on the Government to stick to its promise to introduce a Pubs Watchdog to prevent valued pubs from being placed at risk of closure due to unfair practices in the pub sector.

Why is this important?

A Pubs Watchdog is urgently needed to govern the behaviour of large pub companies (which own around a third of UK pubs) and ensure publicans are treated fairly. A key role for the Pubs Watchdog would be to ensure rents and wholesale prices are reasonable.

Last year the Government recognised that “there is some real hardship in the pubs sector, with many pubs going to the wall as publicans are struggling to survive on tiny margins. Some of this is due to pubcos [pub companies] exploiting and squeezing their publicans by unfair practices and a focus on short-term profits. Four Select Committee reviews since 2004 have highlighted these problems” (Vince Cable MP, January 2013).

In 2013 the Government rightly concluded that “a change in the law is now needed to shift behaviour”. However, time is rapidly running out to introduce these important changes.

The case for action:

• In a 2013 survey, the majority (57%) of publicans renting pubs from the large pub companies reported earning less than £10,000 a year.

• Typically these publicans have to buy all their beer from their pub company and are not allowed to buy on the open market. This can inflate the cost to publicans by around 50p a pint.

• The large pub companies have disposed of thousands of pubs in the last four years alone and plan to sell many more every year.

• In total 96% of people responding to a Government consultation survey declared their support for a Pubs Watchdog.

Publicans with the large pub companies should be given the option to buy one real ale on the open market – known as a guest beer right. They should also be given the option to choose a market rent only contract that would allow a publican to buy all of their beer on the open market from any brewer they choose.

Please sign this petition and tell the Government to stick to its clear promise by introducing a Parliamentary Bill in this year’s Queen’s Speech.

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  • lynne w. 2014-12-04 20:39:23 +0000
    The lease companies who own the buildings are glorified property devolpers, who make hyped up rents, and massive mark up on beers. they should be stopped and be fair to there customers.
  • Reinhard H. 2014-10-10 17:43:05 +0100
    As a regular visitor to the UK who has been to hundreds of Pubs nationwide I do sadly regret the closure of yet so many beautiful Pubs.
  • Barry C. 2014-08-25 15:01:13 +0100
    The most enjoyable times I ever had were in my local pubs, laughter, arguments (nothing serious) and a sense of community.


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On Wed 14th May the petition was handed in to Vince Cable at the Dept for Business Innovation and Skills. Greg Mulholland MP also presented the petition to parliament.

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