To: Home Office

Allow Icilda Williams to visit her family

Allow Icilda Williams to visit her family

Let a retired NHS nurse visit her family in the country she gave 30 years of care to.

Why is this important?

Icilda Williams, an 83 year old widowed nurse, has again been denied entry back into the UK from Jamaica after applying for Visas to see her family, whom she has not been allowed to visit for years.
After giving 30 years of her life, love and care to the NHS here in the UK, she wishes only to spend some time with her grandchildren - some of whom she hasn't been able to meet due to the repeated refusal of entry.
There is no reason for the Home Office to be denying Mrs. Williams the opportunity to see her family - after three decades of caring for children with mental illnesses this decision is outrageous. As Mrs. Williams says herself:

“I’m 83, and no one knows how long we have to live. I want to visit my sister’s grave in Nottingham. I want to see members of my family who are sick. I have great-grandchildren who don’t know me. We are a very, very close family and I’m scared I’ll never see them all together again. I don’t understand it: I lived and worked in Great Britain nearly all my life. I looked after the country’s children."

A lawyer hired by the family to help apply for a Visitor's Visa says the refusal of her claim 'is baseless'. Mrs. Williams then received a ten-year ban from visiting using any further Visa applications. Despite being a Commonwealth citizen, applications for a certificate of entitlement to Right of Abode were also refused on the basis that it is of no relevance to human rights.
Join us in fighting this decision and standing up for what is unquestionably a human right - the right to see your family. We are calling on the Home Office to review Icilda Williams' Visa application and let her see her loved ones again.

Please check back for further info as there will likely be an event to hand in the names to the Home Office!

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Reasons for signing

  • She gave 30 years of her life to the NHS. Icilda Williams is the kind of person we should be praising and looking up to. Not the money grabbing scum that currently run our world. This woman is a star, a bright light in our ever darkening world. It's people like Icilda Williams that will save humanity, if we allow her to.
  • This is all wrong and is one of the major things that has given UK a bad name abroad. It has been going on for years but it will get worse unless we shout about it.
  • Because it is a reasonable request that should be granted.


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Almost 40,000 supporters - thank you everyone! The comments that have been left are so helpful; including your reasons for signing can be used to show the Home Office exactly why so many people are outraged about this. Thank you so much for using your voices!

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17,000 people standing up for the right thing - amazing! Keep sharing - we'll hit 20,000 in no time! Thanks so much everyone

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Thanks so much for all the support everyone - the petition has reached Mrs. Williams' family and the numbers are going up and up. We owe it to all involved to do what we can to help - so thank you all!

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