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To: Flintshire County Council & NHS Wales

Appeal to BCHB & FCC to review the retention of Deeside Ice Rink as a vaccination centre.

Appeal to BCHB & FCC to review the retention of Deeside Ice Rink as a vaccination centre.

Whilst we are fully supportive of the Vaccination programme in Wales, we appeal to the relevant parties to review the decision to retain Deeside Ice Rink as a vaccination centre, thus leaving thousands of people without access to their beloved facility.

We, the undersigned, believe there are alternative facilities and locations available to create a vaccination centre of equal capacity.

The rink was closed with very little warning in March 2020, and has had an impact not only on public users and skaters, but also businesses and clubs that relied on the rink as a source of income and the only venue from which to operate from.

The closest rink is Widnes however, this comes with not only financial implications, but also environmental due to the distance this entails. The distance also inhibits a lot of people access.

Many children are suffering as the ice rink was a source of recreation for them that cannot be replaced.

We implore the relevant parties to rethink their decision of our precious facility, and allow the children back to the rink at such a time as reopening is allowed.

Why is this important?

The Ice rink was a hub for sports & recreation for a wide audience including, but not limited to, children, families, disability skaters and numerous clubs.
It was also one of the few outlets offering recreation for teenagers.
Regular Users travel from Flintshire, Wrexham, Cheshire, Denbighshire and Wirral.
Alternative facilities cannot be offered in this situation.

Deeside CH5, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • This rink is so important to young and older skaters alike. We have such talent at Deeside who are missing out on competing and having a chance to progress. Older skaters use their sessions for exercise, socialising and well-being and have a huge void in their life at present !
  • Keeping our ice rink as a vaccination centre is really telling of how little the welsh labour government care about young people in our area. Deeside is a deprived area and many of the figure skaters and hockey skaters who needed the rink the most have been lost to the sport because travelling 50 miles to more expensive rinks is too much.
  • Good luck! Figure skating is an Olympic sport and needs to be recognised for the talent we have in Great Britain.


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Wow amazing - over 400 signatures- Thankyou. once we are
Over 500 we can begin to plan out how we approach the relevant parties with the petition - please keep sharing its so important to us xx

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Thanks to everyone who have signed so far - please keep sharing xx

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