To: Alex Norris MP - Nottingham North

BAME and Disability representation within Local Council

BAME and Disability representation within Local Council

Equal rights and fair opportunity. We want better representation within our local council and local party. We want a BAME selection only panel when the representation is not balanced, and a minimum standard of disability representation throughout the council.

Why is this important?

The inequality and lack of representation can no longer be acceptable. The LGBT are represented through LGBT Labour and equal opportunity for Women in power are represented through All Women Selection (AWS).

The issues BAME community face include, increased poor mental health, staggering over population in the prisons, lack of education and positive role models. Whilst BAME continue being under represented in the council, politics, judiciary, police force BAME community will continue to be suppressed by the powers that be.

In 2016 41% BAME in prisons
1 in 5 of prisoners are in BAME category and suffer mental health issues.
More likely to be detained under Mental Health Act
11xs more likely to suffer with mental health issues
4xs more likely to commit suicide in prison
5xs more likely to suffer with PTSD
The BAME community is constantly growing in numbers and influence, it is time we make a change.
The BAME community is under funded and needs more support, finance and representation.

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People with disabilities are being let down with poor representation which is leaving them unable to fight for simple human rights including proper accessible toilets. Over 1/4 million People with disabilities cannot use the current accessible toilets, we need to meet their basic human rights by calling for more changing places which include basic facilities including a hoist. Disability funding and benefits has also been cut meaning parents with disabled children are now suffering more than ever before.

Its time to change the stigma that people with disabilities and mental health issues face. Together we can campaign and make the difference one step at a time.


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  • Better representation within the local council.


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