To: Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe



Ban Roundup's 'Glyphosate' herbicide in Hackney. It carries unacceptable risks such as birth defects, Endocrine disruption, Kidney failure, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's to name but a few. (The full list of scientifically proven diseases linked to glyphosate use can be found in the APPG presentations cited in the Notes below).

I need your help to protect Hackney’s parks, and the people, children and animals who love to walk, picnic and play in them. Right now, dangerous persitent herbicides are regularly sprayed on parks and pavements across Hackney as they are across the rest of the country. Tell your friends, write to the Mayor and to your local MP.

Why is this important?

Hackney prides itself on its parks. But the Council’s use of toxic Roundup glyphosate-based herbicides could be posing serious health risks to local people barbecuing, eating and playing there, as well as park employees and council workers. It also threatens a variety of bees and other wildlife.

It is being used not only in the parks but all over the Borough, pavements and shouldn't be. It's not only dangerous to humans and animals, it's classified as 'dangerous for the environment' by the EU. It is persistent in soil, harmful to micro organisms and very toxic in fresh water and marine environment.

We are exchanging frequent correspondence with our Mayor, Jules Pipe, who tries to assure us that there is no health risk associated with glyphosates. Peer reviewed scientific evidence shows this is not the case, but the Council relies on evidence provided by Monsanto. We must end this corpocracy, which maximises Monsanto's profits, but puts the rest of us in very real danger. The Countess of Mar views this in such serious terms that she recently described it as a Human Rights Issue.

The Mayor estimates that the cost of making Hackney pesticide free would be c £500k per annum. Given that there are 246,300 residents in Hackney (as per 2011 Census), this means that the cost per head would be £2.03 on their Council Tax each year. I personally think it is worth that not to be poisoned, don't you?

The Mayor also claims that there is no point banning the Council from using Roundup if it is still available in Garden Centres. We plan to lobby local retailers and ask them to stop selling Roundup, but in the meantime, if the Council ban it then at least people can choose whether or not they are exposed to it. At the moment, that exposure is unavoidable!

If you agree, please write to the Mayor and tell him so. Write to your MP too. Talk to your local retailer and draw their attention to the dangers of glyphosates and ask them not to stock Roundup.

Remember, Roundup is also being used in every park, village and town across the country. No Council wants to be the first to ban it. Send this to your friends. Get them to start a petition where they live. Ban Roundup in Westminster, and you kick out GM too. Meanwhile, we have met with Zac Goldsmith MP and Caroline Lucas MP, to discuss how we can put pressure on other Councils to ban Roundup in other constituencies across London. PAN (Pesticide Action Network) are in the process of drawing up guidelines as to how this could realistically be done, in order to present the Councils with a scientifically proven, viable alternative.

We need to act fast as they are planning to start planting GM next Spring (2015).

1. Glyphosate spraying schedule in Hackney:
3. Open letter to the Mayor of Hackney:
4. Test results:
5.Presentations from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Agroecology meeting that took place on 18 June. They clearly set out the detrimental effects of glyphosate on Human, Animal, Plant and Soil Health:

How it will be delivered

We have delivered the petition, signed by thousands of 38 Degrees members who live in Hackney, to Hackney Town Hall. Please keep signing the petition so we can keep up the pressure on Hackney Council. We continue to lobby both the Mayor and our MP and the more signatures we have backing us up, the greater the pressure on the Council to do something about this.

London Borough of Hackney

Reasons for signing

  • Children and pets are exposed to herbicides because they play on the ground in areas that are sprayed - I have even seen it sprayed on the play equipment in a children's park. Safer methods to control weeds should be used in areas where children play or where families have picnics or barbecues such a digging the weeds out or using steam or hot water- There should at least be a sign to warn people when an area has been recently sprayed!
  • Apart from the Poisoning of our children and animals it is to saveguard the workmen who are told to spray it. Asbestos was once thought safe
  • to stop the poisoning of our children


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