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To: The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

Ban Plastic Postal Envelopes and Parcel Tape

Ban Plastic Postal Envelopes and Parcel Tape

We used paper envelopes and packaging for decades successfully please put a stop to the sudden increase in plastic delivery envelopes and also parcel tape and packaging which immediately becomes another waste plastic product.

Why is this important?

My work and life are all about Aware Living. I receive deliveries of all types from letters to parcels everyday and I have been amazed that since the campaign AGAINST plastics started and in particular since supermarkets withdrew free plastic bags that there has been an incredible INCREASE in the number of PLASTIC ENVELOPES used for delivering items of post. It is becoming unusual to receive a paper envelop or cardboard box (I congratulate all forward thinking businesses that have made a change)
The Post Office now sells them ! Also a while ago now the insides of padded envelopes discarded pulp paper and changed to bubble wrap, this is another issue that needs to change. Just in the amount of post being delivered each day there is an enormous plastic pollution problem and this plastic is usually immediately discarded as waste. This is very easy to rectify and I cant believe I have not heard one person mention this particular issue. I chose to avoid plastics where possible but it becomes really difficult when it arrives in the post daily. I try and re-use it but I don't want to be sending on plastic to other people knowing that it will be thrown away ! We really need to put a stop to this madness now especially with online shopping and deliveries on the increase.



2018-06-14 12:49:59 +0100

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