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To: Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Enforcement Team

Force Bellway Homes to complete Redhill Park

We won! Our pressure worked - Bellway Homes has almost completed the park.

Force Bellway Homes to complete Redhill Park

Bellway Homes should recognise and deliver their commitments or be appropriately penalised in accordance with the law.

Brighton and Hove City Council should recognise the risk at which it is placing local Brighton residents and immediately apply all available pressure to Bellway Homes to resolve the situation.

Why is this important?

The parkland attached to Bellway Homes development of houses on Redhill Close in Brighton is still not complete, despite being open to the public and in use by local residents. It was due to be completed in July 2014 and is still not complete with some areas presenting a health and safety risk to park users.

The park belongs to the people of Brighton and Hove. It should be open and available to them and should not pose a public health risk.Bellway Homes has failed to maintain the park which is now dangerous and a health hazard. The grass areas are largely un-mown with bins overflowing with dog-mess bags and rubbish.

Bellway Homes has also failed to complete the children’s play area despite this being a condition of its planning permission. This area has been partially constructed for 12 months is now dangerous and should be completed as soon as possible.

Brighton and Hove City Council has refused to take control of the land, even though it is in their ownership, because Bellway (the developer company) has refused to complete the park to the standards agreed in the planning permission.

Neither the Council nor Bellway has demonstrated any urgency to resolve the situation.

Should illness or accident befall anyone using the park because of both the Council and Bellway's failure to take ownership of resolving the problem, the lack of clarity around responsibility will impact unfairly on any victims.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered by email or, depending on how much press coverage, potentially in person.

Redhill Close, Brighton

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Reasons for signing

  • This happens far too often. Developers agree things so they get the contract then do the bare minimum toward fulfilling their obligation - they are only interested in their own targets and profits.
  • Out of disgust...


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2015-10-06 13:46:19 +0100

Thanks everyone for your support so far.

The landscapers are cracking on with the play area today and it looks SO much better already. Looks like it will be finished soon.

Other items still need fixing so let's keep up the pressure to get the park completed as soon as possible.

2015-10-02 12:47:03 +0100

Great news, everyone!

Not only is there someone working on the adventure play area of the park today but I've also just had a meeting with a Bellway manager onsite and he tells me that, thanks to our pressure, Bellway are now planning to complete the park and fix the broken and dangerous items in the next 2 WEEKS!

The play area is being cleared of rubble, then it will be rotivated and finally turfed. It will finally be the wonderful play area it should have been for the last 14 months.

Hurray for public pressure and thanks to all 164 of you for your support ... so far!

Wonderful though it is to hear this great news, it's not done until it's done, so the posters are up and more lovely volunteers are delivering letters to more local residents and we'll keep the pressure on until the park is fully in the Council's control.

Please keep sharing this e-petition far and wide.

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