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Boycott Thomas Cook

This is a request for everyone to boycott Thomas Cook until they pay the compensation they have received to the parents of Christi and Bobby Shepherd.
Thomas Cook have been paid £3.5m in compensation from the company that owned the property in Corfu. It is where 2 children died from carbon monoxide poisoning because of a faulty boiler.
The family should get the compensation not Thomas cook.

Why is this important?

Thomas Cook have denied any responsibility for the deaths on a property they rent out. Yet they have taken the compensation from the owners.
It is immoral and totally unacceptable.


Reasons for signing

  • bad travel company that's had its day always had problems with them and after these deaths never ever book with them they should have folded long time ago there customer services are the pits
  • I have had terrible customer service from these in the past, but the tragic events that have come to light and how this company have treated the family of Christi and Bobby, as a mum its sickened me and I will never give this company a penny of my money again
  • Thomas Cook are reckless & incompetent. I know, being left in poor health after staying at one of their places.


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