To: Tata Steel UK and The British Steel Pension Scheme

British Steel Pension Scheme cuts

This campaign has ended.

British Steel Pension Scheme cuts

To amend the changes to no index linked pension increase for British Steel Pensioners on pre 1997 service.
This will greatly affect the pensions and living standards of tens of thousands of pensioners.

Why is this important?

Because no annual rate increase will effectively mean a decrease in income and could force many pensioners into hardship.
Many widows will be affected by these cuts

How it will be delivered

Hopefully by my local MP
If not I would deliver it myself if I had to.


Reasons for signing

  • Because i care !, the Governments have destroyed much in this country for GREED !!!!.
  • Because what's happening doesn't just affect me it affects my family,and it's about time the little man stands up against big firms that can do as they please
  • Disgrace, talk about kicking people when they are down...


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