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To: UK goverment

Create more support for ALL victims of domestic abuse in the UK

Create more support for ALL victims of domestic abuse in the UK

Create more refuges/safe houses for all victims of domestic abuse regardless of gender. Prevent any prejudice when reporting abuse when they are a man whereby male victims are not more likely to be arrested. Offering more counselling and support to all victims male or female, trans..etc and regardless of sexuality, race, class.

Why is this important?

I feel currently in the UK there is a lack of support for all victims of domestic. Currently and as stated my Eric Pizzey who created the first refuge for women in the UK and attempted to create the first refuge for men at the time 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic abuse and 3 women die weekly, and 1 in 6 men are victims domestic and one man dies every week too, according to charities such as Mankind and AMIS. Therefore it is not and never been a gender issues. However policy makes it so due to misinformation and discredited theories that are being maintained by many senior policians, judges, authorities and social workers. Although female victims get support that is not the same for male victims where out of over 1000 refugees for women no more than 20 exists for men. In scotland for example there are no refugees for men. True experts describe abuse as a learning patterns of behaviour in childhood which in complex, not something that men do which is not the reality and current policies are conducted in a very sexist and misandric manner.

Also charities which hijacked Erin Pizzey work i.e refugees have become a business where funding mostly goes too often end in the hands of those you run it, and not handed to the any of the refugees to support victims.

For example if male victims try to report a crime they subject to ridcule at my authorities, often most charities will refuse to give any suppport for male victims and assume they are the perpetator despite the evidence to the contrary. Male victims are also more likely to be arrested because they are male than given the support them needs which increases sucide, and homelessness rates. Finally all media campaign reinforce a stereotype of the female victim and the male perpetrator even though the reverse can happen with a 1/6 incidence as mentioned Domestic abuse can be either physical, psychological, sexual or financial. In many cases female perpetrators will get lighter or no sentences than men just because they are women in exactly the same situation which is discrimination and sexism against men and create to reluctance to report incidences

I feel violence of women and violence against men should equally to addressed as a result. Offer appropriate counselling and the presence of support workers of the opposite gender in refuges to ensure there is sexism and to break cycles of abuse as well as encourage the message that men and women can both be victims and perpetators, in contrast to the myth of the duluth model.

I would like to propose the creation to gender neutral refugees taking note of the point raises yet with consideration that prepetrators are screened for and as much as traumatic experience these are, if the basis is a reminder we don't apply the same idea when it is a murder with race, religion or sexuality associations in the name of equality

Thank you!


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Reasons for signing

  • Please look at my petition currently at the evidence stage in the Welsh Assembly.
  • All people have the right to feel safe in their neighbourhoods , schools , workplace and homes .Provide outreach services to all those victims and survivors and join up civil and criminal laws to curb perpetrators abusive behaviours and protect those suffering abuse. This requires continued funding from government and local health and police services to continues to work together .


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