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To: Planning Inspectorate

One week to save Critically Endangered spider

One week to save Critically Endangered spider

A new development is being proposed in a local wildlife site which is home to one of world's most endangered spiders.

Originally the development of 57 houses in Radford Quarry, Plymouth was refused by the City Council but the applicant is appealing the decision and a planning inquiry is due to start on the 20th January. Buglife are asking for your help to stop this development by signing this petition.

We are asking for the planning inspectorate dealing with the appeal to dismiss the inquiry for the development at Radford Quarry, Plymouth

Why is this important?

Plans to build new houses in an old quarry in Plymouth, could push a Critically Endangered spider, the Horrid ground weaver (Nothophantes horridus), even closer to extinction. We only have one week left to make sure the planning inspectorate know how critical this site is to the spider's survival.

This tiny money spider is only found in Plymouth and nowhere else in the world. It is only known at three sites, one of which has already been lost to development. The proposed development, for 57 new houses in Radford Quarry in Plymouth, would destroy the second site and a vital ‘green lung’ of Plymouth.

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How it will be delivered

Direct to the Planning Inspectorate


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Reasons for signing

  • The spiders were there first. Why should they be made extinct so some fat cat can increase his wealth?
  • I love spinkys! Awesome creatures!
  • New homes need not be built on sites of importance for rare wildlife. There are countless sterile green fields that are just monocultures, near towns - use these instead. Also, let's stop developers buying up urban land to sell at ridiculous rates to investors. These should be homes, not empty investments for a minority's profits. Wildlife has already been pushed to the brink in the UK. Don't make us hypocrites when we condemn other nations for killing rhinos or destroying rainforests.


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