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To: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Thérèse Coffey and Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Keep the social security lifeline

Make the £20 Universal Credit boost permanent and extend it to people on legacy benefits.

Why is this important?

It’s unthinkable that the Government would whip away £20 a week from people, like me, on the lowest incomes, at a time when we’re faced with a wave of unemployment.

The extra £20 has made a huge difference. It means I can afford one weekly shop, which is good because I am isolating. Without it I don’t know what I’d do. If the £20 is taken away I’d struggle to keep the gas and electric on and do my weekly shop. 

This March the Government will decide how much support Universal Credit and other benefits will offer people next year. As we face the winter and further restrictions, families who have lost income and faced financial hardship over the past few months need stability and certainty that they will not face a further income cut in April.

That’s why I set up this petition, calling on the Government to act with compassion and do the right thing – keep the lifeline of an extra £20 a week in Universal Credit, and throw this same lifeline to people on legacy benefits, the majority of whom are disabled, sick or carers. It is simply not right that they have not received the same uplift.

The decision this March is between right and wrong.

The Government could keep doing the right thing, keep the lifeline and keep families afloat.

Or it could cut the lifeline, cut people’s incomes and cut families adrift.

Please will you sign my petition to urge the Government that it will pledge to make the £20 uplift permanent, and to extend it to people on legacy benefits.

Thank you,

Joanna - petition starter and Universal Credit claimant from Malvern.


Reasons for signing

  • There's certainly no reason not to include people on other, equally valid benefits - unless of course it's a way of forcing people who aren't managing to switch over to the inept Universal Credit system, so the government can claim how 'successful' it is.
  • £20 is a lot for us single mums 😫
  • Losing £80 a month could be the difference between having to choose whether to heat your house or eat.


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