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To: EDF Energy

Don't let Sizewell C trample Theberton and Eastbridge

Don't let Sizewell C trample Theberton and Eastbridge

Dear EDF Energy,
[cc Planning Inspectorate and Dr Therese Coffey MP]

Your plans to develop two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on the local environment and on Theberton and Eastbridge, the villages closest to the construction site. If Sizewell C goes ahead, this will be the biggest building project the East of England has ever seen, and you must not ride roughshod over the tiny communities in its path.

Given the unique qualities that make this area of Suffolk so special, and so popular with visitors - the peace, tranquility, dark night skies, beautiful landscapes, fragile coastline and wildlife - I question whether Sizewell is the right place for additional nuclear power stations.

I oppose your proposal to build multi-storey accommodation for 2,400 construction workers barely 300 yards from Eastbridge, creating an industrial town that is 30 times the size of this tiny, peaceful hamlet. Why is Sizewell being treated differently from Hinkley Point, where you intend to disperse workers across several sites?

I am also deeply concerned about the huge number of HGVs that will be needed, now that you are unable to deliver the bulk of the materials by sea. The route you have chosen for a "Link Road" and Bypass will sever communities and runs too close to residents and listed buildings. A proper relief road is needed, to minimize the impact on local people and to allow proper emergency evacuation.

Why is this important?

East Suffolk is a unique, fragile and internationally protected area, cherished by those who live here, and loved by visitors to the Heritage Coast and wild open spaces, including the famous Minsmere bird reserve and Dunwich Heath. In these beautiful surroundings the villages of Theberton and Eastbridge, with a population of fewer than 400 people, are facing the prospect of two new nuclear reactors being constructed; a process that could take 10 - 12 years and would destroy the peace and tranquility of the area, eat into the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and transform a rural parish into an industrial town.

How it will be delivered

We'll deliver this petition to EDF Energy's Sizewell Office in Leiston, Suffolk, and send copies to Suffolk Coastal MP, Dr Therese Coffey, and the Planning Inspectorate.

Eastbridge, Suffolk

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Reasons for signing

  • This project is simply not worth the destruction of this area of outstanding beauty & wonderful culture that is Suffolk. I am signing because I am totally opposed to these plans.
  • It will blight so many peoples lives and destroy the wildlife.
  • I am moving to Suffolk for a new job and this area is exactly where I wanted to move to. I am also staggered that permission for this project was given considering Minsmere, a UK wildlife treasure, is in such close proximity along with other wonderful, peaceful wildlife and nature havens.


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