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To: Baljit Ubhey

Drop the Charges Against The Iceland Three

UPDATE: 29/01/14 - Charges have been dropped against three squatters facing trial for taking waste food from a supermarket dustbin, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced.

Drop the Charges Against The Iceland Three

Dear Baljit Ubhey,
Please intervene in the decision to prosecute Paul May,Jason Chan and William James for taking discarded food, worth a mere £33.00, from an Iceland skip. It is morally bankrupt and divisive to punish the poor under an antiquated law for feeding themselves with food destined for landfills. We the public do not want to see our money wasted on this prosecution.

Why is this important?

''A man will stand trial next month after being caught taking some tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese from the dustbins behind a branch of Iceland.........May, 35, along with Jason Chan and William James, all residents of a squat in north London, were arrested on 25 October, just before midnight, after a member of the public called the police to report three men climbing over a wall at the back of Iceland in Kentish Town...The total value of the items taken allegedly amounted to £33 and they were of low value." (from The Guardian).

In this time of austerity we must stand up for those who can't afford to feed themselves, and who are also prepared to use food that would otherwise be interred in landfills. This is a call for humanity to triumph over the kind of greed and ignorance that causes the death and suffering of the most poor and vulnerable. Should this case be prosecuted, the implications for others who may find themselves in need, and who may choose, therefore, to skip, could be serious. Please sign this petition to stop a precedent being set by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service - Baljit Ublhey is the head of the CPS in London: let's send her a message. It's time to stand up for what is morally right.

How it will be delivered

Via Facebook and other social media sites.

Reasons for signing

  • To help the poor
  • Throwing away food is the real crime!
  • Using up discarded food that would otherwise go to waste is a positive action, not a crime.


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