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To: Parliament and the GMC/MPTS

Clear Derek Keilloh's name

Dear 3,811 signatories of the ‘Support Derek Keilloh’ campaign,

Thank you all for the support you have given Derek to help to clear his
name. In an effort to put right what was clearly a travesty of justice,
we may not have managed to change the minds of the MPTS/GMC, but the
invaluable support you gave has undoubtedly upheld him through the
challenges of moving forward.

The beginning of this year marked a time when he could apply to restore
his name to the medical register. After a great deal of thought he has
decided to continue with his current career where he is valued for his
intelligence and strong work ethic - an honest decent man of integrity
with his self-esteem restored. He has changed this story of injustice to
one of success, thanks not only to his own application, but also to you,
his stalwart supporters.

What a loss to the NHS.

We will be closing this petition site down, but for the time being you
can to read this update in more detail and contact us//by logging on to until September 2018.

Thank you all
Robert and Judith Nicholls

Clear Derek Keilloh's name

Please ask the GMC to review Derek Keilloh's Fitness to Practice case and clear his name.

He is a man of integrity and honour. His former patients and colleagues declared him to be a caring, excellent doctor.

Why is this important?

Derek was struck off the medical practitioners register on 21 December 2012 because the MPTS decided that he should have known that Iraqi detainees were receiving inhumane treatment at the hands of the British Army in Basra in 2003. The MPTS concluded that Dr Keilloh had repeatedly lied under oath about his experiences during and after the resuscitation he attempted on the Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa.

The MPTS is not required to ‘prove beyond all reasonable doubt’ as is a court of law, only decide ‘on the balance of probabilities’. Dr Keilloh has consistently maintained that he did not report inhumane treatment of the Iraqi detainees because he had no knowledge of it. He was new to the regiment and had no motive to be untruthful.

The press has repeatedly used an image of the face of Baha Mousa to show the bruising caused by the beatings he had received. This photograph was taken six days after the death and after a journey through the desert to where the post-mortem took place. The MPTS heard evidence from several pathologists who disagreed about how visible the bruising would have been at the time of death.

We are shocked by the unacceptable inhumane treatment that caused the tragic death of Baha Mousa. It is accepted by all concerned that Derek did everything possible to save his life under severely difficult conditions.

At that time he was a young doctor put into a situation way beyond his experience. The war in Iraq was at its most intense. He was working in a hostile environment, with a heavy workload and without proper support. It was not even clear that the Iraqi civilian detainees were his responsibility.

After these traumatic events Derek worked as a GP in Northallerton, North Yorkshire and built up an exemplary reputation with his patients, colleagues and other caring professionals. He has a young family to support and they had already suffered nine years of stress and uncertainty, until his erasure in 2012.

We do not feel that it is in the public interest to have a community deprived of their so obviously well-loved and much appreciated family doctor. We urged the MPTS to consider lifting the sanctions imposed in order clear Derek's name. However they are not able to review their own cases so we will take this petition to Parliament.

Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) was acting for the Iraqi families when he reported Derek to the GMC for fitness to practice. PIL has been under investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) since the collapse of the Al Sweady Public Inquiry for 'lack of credible evidence'. The Ministry of Defence presented a dossier of allegations against Phil Shiner to the SRA.
During the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearing twenty two of the twenty four charges against Phil Shiner were proven beyond all reasonable doubt (the criminal standard of proof). On the morning of 2 February 2017 he was declared dishonest and was 'struck off' on the grounds of professional misconduct. We believe that he brought the case against Derek Keilloh in order to raise his profile before he went on to make further claims against the British Army. Phil Shiner was the only person to benefit from this action - Derek, his family and his patients were the victims.

The whole story is now on

How it will be delivered

Having heard that the MPTS cannot legally review their own cases we submitted the petition to Parliament via our MP, Rishi Sunak and copied to the MPTS.
The petition of 3,496 signatures was delivered it to Parliament on the day Theresa May became Prime Minister. Parliament eventually contacted us to tell us they have no jurisdiction over the GMC/MPTS.


2017-02-07 17:43:01 +0000

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal have struck Phil Shiner off the SRA register.
We have received such a huge wave of support that we believe that, in the eyes of the public, Derek’s name is already cleared.
The GMC have said: ‘We carried out a thorough and independent investigation into the allegations that we received about Dr Keilloh. That case relied on a substantial body of witness evidence……’
‘For that reason we don’t believe the panel’s decision to erase Dr Keilloh from the medical register is called into question by Mr Shiner’s professional conduct.’
We ask: if that 'substantial body of evidence' was supplied by Phil Shiner, had it already been manipulated and embellished? At what point in time did Phil Shiner begin to behave unprofessionally?
Please do continue to encourage friends and family to sign our petition:
We really value all the support we have had and are still getting
Thank you all!

2017-01-18 16:18:42 +0000

You may remember that the petition was presented to Parliament on the day that Theresa May became Prime Minister, so it was rather overshadowed! However we did eventually get a reply from the petitions office to say what we already know, that: ‘it is not appropriate for the Government to comment on or become involved with individual Fitness to Practice cases’. We had also called for investigations into the professional conduct of Phil Shiner who brought the case against Derek Keilloh. This has been ongoing by the Solicitors Regulation Authority with particular reference to the Al Sweady case, and Phil Shiner is now to face a Tribunal Hearing beginning 23/1/2017. He has already admitted to several allegations and expects to be ‘struck off’. We have updated our website with more details:

2016-07-12 09:55:03 +0100

The Petition is timetabled to be handed in to the House of Commons between about 6.30 and 7..00 tonight 12 July, but after the chaotic events announced yesterday who knows... Don't stop signing and encourage your friends and relatives to support us too. As I write this it has reached 3548 signatures - thank you!
News of Phil Shiner of PIL facing a disciplinary hearing came out just after we had given the petition to our MP, then the Chilcot inquiry report shortly afterwards.

2016-06-14 14:46:02 +0100

Update 14/6/16: we gave the petition of 3,496 signatures to our MP Rishi Sunak on 10 June and he will be delivering it to Parliament this week.
Parliamentary committees and members of the GMC and MPTS may continue to look at the site to check on the numbers of signatures - so keep signing!

2016-05-24 17:54:26 +0100

We will be handing the petition over to our MP Rishi Sunak this week, 26/5/16. You can keep signing even after that as once we have drawn attention of those in authority to the case they will probably look at this petition site. Nothing will ever take away the pain that has been caused by the MPTS decision, but let's get this injustice put right.

2016-01-18 17:32:16 +0000

Now 3 years on, Derek Keilloh has moved on to other employment but we still want to clear his name. The whole story and more details can be seen at

2015-01-16 17:40:53 +0000

It is now 2 years since Dr Keilloh was struck off the medical register, but a lot has happened.

We expected to hand the petition to the MPTS/GMC, but they tell us that legally they are unable to review their own decisions – so we are preparing to go all the way and present the petition directly to Parliament!

Late in 2014 the Al-Sweady Inquiry collapsed from lack of convincing evidence from the Iraqi witnesses. The evidence was presented by Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers (PIL). It was PILwho reported Derek Keilloh to the GMC for fitness to practice (FTP), and presented Iraqi witness statements at the FTP hearing. We heard that the Iraqi statements in the Al Sweady Inquiry were far too similar to the statements given in the Baha Mousa Inquiry – even though this was an entirely different event.

The whole story and more details can be seen at

2014-04-10 11:43:11 +0100

The ‘Draft Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals Bill’ is coming to Parliament during the next session. We want to see the law changed to make it less likely that what happened to Dr Derek and his patients does not happen to others.

Within the next few weeks we will print out the petition and take it to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. We will also take a file of documents, letters and opinions and will be asking the MPTS to review the case. We hope that some of you will be able to come and join us.

Once the petition has been handed in we will be publishing all of the documents as a website so that everyone can more easily read everything we have discovered about the case and what we have to say about its flaws and prejudices.

Please help us get more than 2,000 signatures on the petition quickly!

2013-12-19 10:34:56 +0000

Derek was struck off the medical register 1 yr ago. The death of Baha Mousa was over 10 yrs ago. Derek’s involvement with Baha Mousa was 2hrs spent attempting to resuscitate him.
The erasure was despite the MPTS's own report featuring many extenuating circumstances and recommendations of Derek’s professional standing.
A GP was lost and the community began a campaign in his favour - William Hague MP handed the petition to Parliament.
Some politicians have become interested in the revision of the legislation that surrounds the governance of the GMC and MPTS. A debate is scheduled to take place in Parliament at the end of 2014.
Derek has completed a period of training and secured a job off shore where he is being valued and respected.
This petition will go to the MPTS, Parliament, and to others with influence and authority. With your permission we will include copies of some of the letters you have sent, let us know at: