To: David Parr, Cheif Executive, Halton Council

Fracking in Halton Call for Public Referendum in Halton

Fracking in Halton   Call for Public Referendum in Halton

Fracking should not be left in the hands of our elected representatives to decide, knowing the scale of the public opinion against fracking there is a vital importance that Halton Council should not be allowed to force fracking through at any cost without a public referendum.

Why is this important?

Is it wrong to leave such important decisions to elected representatives  who so often get things wrong?

They could go against the wishes of their electors by putting profit before people, if Halton Council approves fracking, it may be harder for the council to reject future fracking applications as a precedent will have been set.

This could result  in  fracking wells across Halton, In an area of outstanding natural beauty, local representatives  could give the right to allow energy companies who have to satisfy the pockets of investors to frack for gas, surely then, this debate is of such importance that it should be put out to a local referendum for the Borough ?

I, for one, would certainly want to have my say at the ballot box about the possibility of having a toxic stew polluting my water supply, as happened in America near fracking wells, or Halton Castle  being brought to the ground by a fracking- related earthquake, like that which happened off Blackpool.

Not only does fracking bring pollution but according to Defra it could cause house prices to drop. Isn’t that alone enough to ask for a public vote on this issue?

I fear that without a public vote then the Labour -dominated Halton Council  might just do the bidding and agree to let fracking happen under our feet.

Without a public referendum, Halton Council  cannot – and should not – be allowed to grant any permissions as it does not have the backing of the electorate.


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  • Scandalised by the lack of concern shown by HBC for local residents


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