To: Westminster

Freedom for Scotland - Stop the Westminster Government Robbing it Blind

Dear English party MPs,
STOP uttering complete lies re Scotland as per referendum. Be honest & admit that England desperately needs Scotland's input to subsidise English development.

Come clean on the tie-up with BP & the so-called loss of seismic reports for the 1980's operations in the Firth of Clyde & North Channel. Millions of barrels there-in.

Also, stop referring to that area outwith Scotland as the rest of the UK. The UK is at the moment made up of Scotland & England. Northern Ireland is not part of the UK. Passport states United Kingdom & Northern Ireland. Wales, well, I cannot really comment. It was annexed by England centuries ago.

Why is this important?

The future of our country, Scotland, not just for me but for generations to come.
We need politicians with a heart for their respective countries, not the averistic lot currently at Westminster.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I want improved democracy for Scotland, and I'm not convinced that voting "Yes" will cause the Apocalypse, no matter what Westminster politicians say.