To: Weaver Vale Housing Trust

Give May Appleton back her home of 61 years!

Give May Appleton back her home of 61 years!

YOU forcibly evicted an 87 year old woman on the grounds that she hoards. You have no right to tell people how to live in their own homes. She has earned the right to buy this property after living there for 61 years. Let her back in the house and allow her to exercise her right to buy!

Why is this important?

May has NOT returned home yet, despite what has been reported in the media.

She is quite distressed and still at the Travelodge. Negotiations are ongoing. Weaver Vale Housing Trust spoke to May and the press have reported that everything was sorted, but May is currently still not living in her home. Even if she is allowed to return to her home, her stuff has been moved out and she will be upset by that.

Please keep sharing this petition until may has been offered the chance to buy her home and feel safe.

Thank you.



Reasons for signing

  • May pays her rent. She harms no-one. She has a tidy garden and hedge. She agreed with Sue Malek , Home Ownership Officer of Weaver Vale Housing Trust to buy her property, at the 'protected tenant', reduced rate of £27,000 for a £90,000 property. Various of us have copies of her written agreement to buy. She is a vulnerable person. This |Trust has, in my opinio n, acted unlawfully and against Mrs Appleton's rights, under the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • In what kind of world is eviction the appropriate response to an 87 year old woman with hoarding issues? She needs assistance and support. This is what the banality of evil looks like in 2016. For shame.
  • Total lack of humanity. Surely the money used for the eviction and the travel lodge room could have been better used. She is an elderly lady, frail and frightened.


2016-12-08 21:52:13 +0000

May's legacy still lives on through her sons. They are STILL desperately fighting to buy their house and to stop themselves from being evicted from a home they have had all their lives! PLEASE GO TO THE PETITION BELOW

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2016-11-26 17:31:57 +0000

Weaver Vale Housing Trust are determined to turn May's sons out of the property and have continued to hound them. Due to fund-raising by the public and any money the sons had they have hired a solicitor who has, so far, failed to win the right for the sons to continue with the 'right-to-buy' request that May started. The solicitor is now asking for more money before she carried on. I think it's time that public support took over and we demanded the right to allow May's sons to use their inheritance to buy the house their mother started to buy and which resulted in the hounding of the family and May's death in a Travelodge. I am using this petition to raise this again in the media. I have also started another petition and once I have opened a facebook page I will post the link on there. Please help. New petition -

2016-06-30 19:51:17 +0100

Following on from the very sad news of May's death, I wanted to let you know that she will finally find peace when she is laid to rest after her funeral on Tuesday 5th July at 10am. at St John the Evangelist : Corner of Station Road & School Lane, Lostock Gralam, Cheshire, CW9 7PS. PLEASE COME TO THE CHURCH AND SHOW YOUR RESPECTS IF YOU CAN MAKE IT.

Last I heard, her sons were begging for access to their former home (they are still at the Travelodge) to get some suitable clothes to wear for the funeral. They are in a state of total despair. The metal shutters have still not been taken from the house and the doors still not been repaired despite Weaver Vale Housing being lambasted in court for the way they have behaved and demanding the rent-book be handed back. There will be another petition for them once May has been laid to rest. WATCH THIS SPACE

2016-06-22 13:21:17 +0100

It is with EXTREME sadness that I have to tell you that May passed away. Her son has just informed me. The family were still living in TRAVELODGE, even though Weaver Vale had finally given into public and legal pressure and returned the tenancy to her they refused to fix the front and back doors to make the house safe after the police had destroyed them evicting her. The family couldn't return because of this.....So she never made it home. So sad right now but we will need to push and push t get her sons back in the house as I expect Weaver Vale will try all kinds of tricks to keep them out and homeless now May has gone. WE CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN. MAY WOULD WANT THEM HOME! Update soon.....

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