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To: Sarah Stewart CEO NewcastleGateshead Initiative

Tell the Great Exhibition of the North to Refuse BAE sponsorship

07/03/18 - We did it!

Thank you so much for signing our petition calling for the Great Exhibition of the North to refuse sponsorship from BAE Systems. Last night BAE issued a statement saying it would withdraw. This is excellent news as it shows that arms corporations cannot hide their war profiteering behind arts events. The protest was a collective response from artists, cultural workers, and everyone one of you who signed the petition. The campaign does not end here - we will be asking for transparency in how BAE came to be a 'premier partner' of the exhibition, and watching arms companies as they attempt to sponsor education and other arts events.

Please sign up with Art Not Arms, and continue to support our campaign.

Tell the Great Exhibition of the North to Refuse BAE sponsorship

We call on the Great Exhibition of the North to refuse sponsorship from BAE Systems.

Why is this important?

BAE Systems is a 'premier partner' of the Great Exhibition of the North though the charity War Child UK has accused BAE of ‘profiteering from the deaths of innocent children’. British arms companies including BAE have made more than £6bn from sales to Saudi Arabia during the ongoing war in Yemen. International humanitarian law prohibits attacks against civilians yet the British armed Saudi-led coalition has bombed schools, markets, hospitals, and health centres. The conflict has killed or injured more than 5,000 children, while survivors face malnutrition and disease with the collapse of infrastructure. Unicef warns that, ‘nearly every child in Yemen’ is in need of humanitarian assistance. The Great Exhibition of the North claims to offer ‘family-friendly fun’. This is totally at odds with its with association with BAE systems.

Reasons for signing

  • GET North was looking to be a fantastic event that has now been ruined by BAE's involvement. I get that there's no ethical consumption under capitalism etc, but BAE are about the worst there is. I also understand they're a MASSIVE source of employment in the north east and I wouldn't judge anyone for needing to work there. But this is different. A family friendly cultural event paid for by a company that murders families.
  • It's disgusting that BAE think they can use North East artists and musicians to legitimise their role in warfare in the Middle East. This is not something that I, as a North East artist, want to support at all. Refuse the sponsorship and show what good, responsible and inspiring arts leadership looks like.
  • I couldn't celebrate the GEOTN whilst childrenare dying in Yemen


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