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To: Warwickshire County Council

Half price travel for Under 19’s in Warwickshire

Half price travel for Under 19’s in Warwickshire

Warwickshire County Council: Subsidise half price travel for under 19’s.

Why is this important?

Under 19’s in the metropolitan areas of the West Midlands can travel for half price on buses, trains and trams throughout the region. This is subsidised by Transport for West Midlands through contributing authorities. Outside of these areas bus companies give young people, aged 5-15 years a 25% discount. From 16 a young person must pay an adult fare unless they have a student discount.

Young people in Warwickshire need to travel to school, college, apprenticeships and jobs. They need to see family and friends and participate in sports and social activities. A 7 day unlimited travel pass around a town costs £12.40 for a young person, for a 16 year old (adult) in a rural area of Warwickshire this increases to £29 for a weekly pass. A 50% discount on fares would substantially reduce these fares making travel more affordable. A bus pass for a young person is a necessity not a luxury, especially when their family relies on public transport. It’s also an environmentally friendly solution to teen travel, reducing the number of journeys parents make across town.

Under 19’s in Warwickshire need the same support to access opportunities as their metropolitan counterparts. Subsidising travel for young people is an investment in their future.


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