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To: Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP

Investigation into the Malpractices of NHS Continuing Care

Investigation into the Malpractices of NHS Continuing Care

As Liz Kendall MP calls for Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit to be stripped of its contract, we, the families and relatives of people with dementia, urge the Government and NHS England to investigate the abuse and malpractices of continuing health care assessors and the continuing health care assessment processes being implemented across the UK alongside an urgent call to review the Decision Support Tool for it to become inclusive and fair for all those with dementia

Why is this important?

Across the UK thousands of people with dementia are being denied their rightful entitlement to continuing health care funding. It is quite clear that since the Coughlan judgment in 1999 not much has changed as National Health CCG's and Local Authorities are still willfully abusing the system in order to ‘balance the books’, creating a culture of NHS CHC funding assessors applying their own subjective interpretation of the guidelines onto funding decisions. Alongside that the Decision Support Tool, in its current form, does not take into account the complexities, uniqueness and unpredictability of dementia and therefore is not inclusive and fair when judging medical needs. It urgently needs reviewing for those suffering multiple medical needs from symptoms of dementia. We acknowledge that there is a CHC funding crisis but to use the vulnerable and elderly to fill this void by the misrepresentation of medical needs is morally repugnant. All we are asking is that the NHS, Social Services and the Government obey the law as it currently stands and ask for an urgent review of the DST assessment tool.


Reasons for signing

  • The process is a farce as cost saving is paramount
  • Just applied for my husband chc. He was diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia 4 years ago.
  • Officials who administer the process of CHC are doing so either incompetently or with outright unlawful intent. The reason? Money. With the aim of saving money but also monetary reward for those who deny lawful access to CHC.


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