To: Birmingham City Council

Keep The CRIB Centre Open and Community Managed

UPDATE: 12/10.17 We won!

We have reached a mutually beneficial agreement which we count as a win. The centre will remain open. Thank you 38 Degrees

Keep The CRIB Centre Open and Community Managed

We urge you, Birmingham City Council, to work with us, the community, to keep The CRIB Centre open and community managed, rent free.

Why is this important?

The closure of the CRIB Centre will damage our community. Local young people will be stripped of a fantastic place where they can receive help and support; socialise and enjoy recreational activities together in a safe environment. With the pending boundary changes taking place which will affect the Soho ward, The CRIB Centre will be a much needed resource, that will continue to bring stability to our community.

The CRIB Centre is a much loved local resource for youth, children and families in the area of Winson Green. Prior to CRIB occupying the building it was standing empty. Over the past three years CRIB has made a significant impact in our community and has helped over 300 children and young people. We ask you to support the CRIB Centre – a not-for-profit organisation to continue providing a free service to the youth of the Soho ward. By transferring this asset to the community, managed by CRIB, you will be allowing us to work towards repairing our fragmented community through youth participation, whilst tackling the issues youths face on ground level.

To date we have delivered projects that have tackled:
Anti-social behaviour
Education struggles
Hate Crime
Poverty and hardship
Confidence and self-esteem issues
Restorative Justice
Life skills
Housing issues

To take this resource away from the community will be a massive blow and will have repercussions for statutory agencies, including BCC and the regional youth service as a whole.

How it will be delivered

Both electronic and written signatures will be delivered to Birmingham City Council for consideration

Musgrave Road, Birmingham B18 5HH

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Reasons for signing

  • It's a no brainer.
  • Fantastic safe place for young people to hang out.
  • It teaches children from ages to 5-15 many life skills& the dangers that they may face and how they should be prepared for their future and what they aspire in life. It's a great way to build confidence and make a lot of friends, sometimes it helps those who feel shut out by many, feel accompanied and loved, therefore leaving them out of any thing that may cause harm to themselves!!!


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