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To: Westminster Council

Keep Westminster's CCTV Cameras Turned On & Manned

Keep Westminster's CCTV Cameras Turned On & Manned

We the undersigned call on Westminster City Council to keep Westminster's CCTV turned on. Westminster Council is turning off 75 CCTV cameras in Westminster, including Oxford Street & Soho, on 1st September 2016. (Following our campaign they are keeping the cameras on but not employing people to monitor them). Crime fell by 30% when the cameras were first introduced. Not using them will cause crime to rise and people to feel less safe.

We believe that this will result in less evidence for prosecutions and an increase in crime - and also increase the fear of crime. We need these cameras kept on.

Why is this important?


Westminster Council are passing the book. Now they are still running the cameras but have no staff watching them. They are calling the bluff of the Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police to pay or the cameras and their staffing while speding £90,000 on Rolls Royces to ferry big wigs to banquets!

Residents, businesses, the police and visitors to Westminster - especially the West End - have voiced serious concerns about the cameras being switched off. It is reckless of Westminster Council to do so.

Westminster Council's Labour group leader Adam Hug said: “CCTV provides reassurance to communities across Westminster and the Council’s U-turn on support for cameras leaves a lot of unanswered questions."

The Metropolitan Police Service "Recognises the benefits of officers being able to access CCTV for policing purposes and we continue to work with all local authorities to ensure this resource is used for maximum effectiveness."

"Following the massacre in Orlando and the rise in hate crime being reported in London, many communities will feel less safe without CCTV back-up. LGBT, racial and religious minorities, as well as women, are particularly vulnerable in the West End," said Patrick Lilley, an LGBT Coordinator in Westminster.

The West End contributes billions of pounds to both London's and the country's economy. Westminster Council is one of the richest in the country. Its residents, workers and visitors deserve to feel safe.


Thank you.


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Reasons for signing

  • Because a lot of crimes happen at church street
  • Obviously it is a ridiculous idea and it is also a 'no brainer' that the cameras around parliament will not be turned off! They don't care about ordinary people.
  • Why make it easier for muggers, thieves, rapists, murderers and people who von in my street to do their dirty work?


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