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To: Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Mayor of London, call mass rally of solidarity

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Emma Heseltine
Mayor of London, call mass rally of solidarity

Call a mass Londoners' Rally of Solidarity. Following the referendum shock, enable Londoners to express their determination to reject xenophobia and division, and to preserve the tolerant , multicultural European and World City they love.

Why is this important?

Now is the time for leadership. London needs its Mayor to call a mass rally of Solidarity.

Across London millions are deeply affected by the referendum results; the loss of a citizenship, identity, and rights many of us never thought we could lose so easily.

At this time of crisis, division and fear we need our city's leader to take action. Now is the time to get together in our hundreds of thousands, and channel our grief into showing the world that we love London as a multicultural, tolerant city, proudly part of Europe, proudly part of the world, and a haven from xenophobia. Many are devastated and angry about the imposition of BREXIT on our home city, against the wishes of a clear majority, but with severe and far-reaching consequences for us all. We must not let anger and fear win, but unite in hope, publicly expressing the determination not to stand by and watch the London we know and love pulled apart.

Now is the time that we must show, beyond all doubt, that we as a city stand in solidarity with all our neighbours and value every Londoner's contribution to our communities. No Londoner should feel they have to leave their home city, neither due to social exclusion and the housing crisis, nor due to fear of xenophobia. We must show that we reject all attempts to divide us; by class, by nationality, by religion, or any other false competition against one another. We must show that we are determined to work together to save the London we know and love, a London for everyone.

Call a Londoners' Rally of Solidarity, we will be there!


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