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To: Reading Borough Council / Parliament

Monthly Car-Free Work-Days in Berkshire and UK

Monthly Car-Free Work-Days in Berkshire and UK

We propose a monthly car-free day on a working day in Reading and UK.

All vehicles, excluding public transport, emergency services, council vehicles and those with exceptional reasons, will be off the road for the day.

Why is this important?

Car emissions are a major contributor to air pollution, which affects people's quality of life and health. Perhaps we can combine it with a "Monthly Public Transport Day"? Government, it´s Time to Act

Highlighting the third Wednesday of every month through the year as Planet´s Monthly Car-Free Work-Days, 18/5, 15/6, 20/7 etc.

#CarFreeDaysUK will:
- Encourage people to find alternatives to car use
- Make the streets more accessible and open them up for other uses
- Raise awareness of emissions and air pollution
- Help make Reading a safer and greener town

Find out how you can earn your BetterPoints™ leaving your car at home.
For more information visit #MyCarFreeDaysRdg

Cities across the world have successfully held car-free days, in Indonesia, Brussels and Vancouver etc, enabling people to enjoy a day with lower emissions and traffic.

How it will be delivered

The Car-Free Work-Days Bloc participated in three National Climate Marches, London to make the link between #climate change and switching to #zerocarbon fuels. Put the climate on the agenda ahead of the 2016 London Mayoral Elections, October UN-conference 2016 Habitat III in Quito and the December 2016 Marrakech United Nations COP22 climate talks. #Climate22 #1000initiatives #PlaceCO2lutions #Habitat3 #Noidling

Thank you!

Berkshire, Reading, Great Britain

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Reasons for signing

  • Important intiative Air pollution is the core issue of these times


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