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To: The City of Edinburgh Council

No to Airbnb, Yes to Housing

No to Airbnb, Yes to Housing

To prevent landlords from letting whole properties within residential blocks to tourists.

Why is this important?

The housing situation in Edinburgh is dramatic. Few flats available at high rents that are dragging people into poverty.
Besides, Airbnb was created with the aim of socialising and meeting people from all around the world, by letting travellers stay in a spare room with the home owner.
This involves respect for others, as the home owner has got control on the guests' behaviour and conduct.
Letting out an entire flat on a short let basis is an entirely different matter.
Mixing up residential and tourist accommodation causes an absolute disruption to residents who live and work in this city.
Many people are not fortunate enough to have a Monday-to-Friday job and work on weekends, when they have to put up with loud tourists coming in and out anytime day and night. And this is not just a weekend problem. It is a different lifestyles matter, that cannot and must not coexist.
The residents of Edinburgh demand and deserve respect.


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Reasons for signing

  • I have signed this petition because the housing situation in Edinburgh is dragging people into poverty. More housing, more respect for residents.


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