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To: The Civic and Historical Society

No to Enoch Powell Blue Plaque


We won! Enoch Powell blue plaque plans for Wolverhampton are scrapped

Society chairman Barry Hodgson says the plaque’s unnamed backer withdrew his proposal over the outcry it caused, while the committee believed it would be ‘impossible’ to find a suitable location for it.

Prevent the racist MP Enoch Powell being honoured with a blue plaque in Wolverhampton.

Why is this important?

Enoch Powell does not deserve to be honoured with a blue plaque in Wolverhampton. During his career as an MP he knowingly inflamed racial discrimination and hatred. His infamous "Rivers of Blood" speech went down in history as one of the most divisive and racist speeches ever made by a British Politician.

This is a country that prides itself on its fight against racism and fascism. Over the past sixty years Britain has matured into a pluralist multicultural society. There really is no reason, in 2018, put up a plaque celebrating someone who is remembered for his extreme and divisive ideology.

Blue plaques are used to celebrate the lives of the Great British people such as William Shakespeare, Emmeline Pankhurst or Sir Isaac Newton, people who made an outstanding contributions to to their nation and locality. Enoch Powell does not deserve to be in this company and should not be celebrated with a blue Plaque.

Reasons for signing

  • It would be shameful to celebrate this man's obnoxious views. Rather celebrate how Wolverhampton became a relatively peaceful city and Powell was shown to be a false prophet.
  • Enoch the greatest pm we never had
  • I attended King Edward's School, Birmingham (Powell's old school) 1960 - 1967. His infamous 1968 speech at the Midland Hotel made me ashamed to be an Old Edwardian.


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