To: The Goverment to change the law

Only Silent Fireworks to be sold in the UK

Only Silent Fireworks to be sold in the UK

A law introduced to allow ONLY silent Fireworks

Why is this important?

Its important not only for small children but also for animals as the noise from fireworks causes so much distress and anxiety not only on Nov 5th but the week leading upto and after. Also a total ban in Zoo’s holding firework displays profit over animal care 😡

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • i signed because i am sick of seeing my poor dogs and hearing about other people's animal suffering through the shear stress of bloody fireworks, they are no longer the fun pretty things we had when i was a child (40 yrs ago), they are no horrendous explosives, which not only stress animals but also young children and the elderly, they need to bring in silent fireworks or ban then totally,
  • loud fireworks should be banned,not fair on the animals or elderly.
  • I suffer with migraines, depression and anxiety, hate firework sound for so many reasons... and all the animals that are scared and anxious of the fireworks. My dog was one them


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2017-10-30 07:56:12 +0000

I have just been made aware that Kirkley Hall zoo is having a large firework display this is so irresponsible its a ZOO absolute shame on you Kirkley Hall 😡😡😡

2017-10-30 07:54:06 +0000

Over 100 signatures in less than 24hrs great stuff keep sharing and thank you to those that have signed ✌️

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