To: The Goverment to change the law

Only Silent Fireworks to be sold in the UK

Only Silent Fireworks to be sold in the UK

A law introduced to allow ONLY silent Fireworks and no sale to general public only to organised licensed displays

Why is this important?

Its important not only for small children, elderley and vulnerable adults but also for domestic pets and livestock as the noise from fireworks causes so much distress and anxiety even death not only on Nov 5th but the week leading upto and after. Also a total ban in Zoo’s holding firework displays profit over animal care 😡

How it will be delivered

Social media sites

Reasons for signing

  • The bangs add nothing to enjoyment but cause distress to many animals and people. I also,think,they should only be used at organised events.
  • Concern over stressed animals
  • Frightening to wildlife and pets and is not kept to one evening


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I have just been made aware that Kirkley Hall zoo is having a large firework display this is so irresponsible its a ZOO absolute shame on you Kirkley Hall 😡😡😡

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