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To: Brent & Camden Councils

Pedestrian crossing on Shoot Up Hill

Pedestrian crossing on Shoot Up Hill

Install a safe pedestrian crossing on Shoot Up Hill - near Watling Gardens and St Cuthbert's Road - to enable people to safely cross this busy road, in particular to get to the two bus stops.

Why is this important?

Shoot Up Hill is a busy road with a large number of cars, buses and commercial vehicles using it - often at high speeds. There is an urgent need for a safe pedestrian crossing at the mid-way point between the junctions of Maygrove Road/Christchurch Avenue and Mill Lane/Mapesbury Road. Such a crossing is especially needed for children, the elderly and disabled.

Shoot-Up Hill, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Install a safe pedestrian crossing on Shoot Up Hill
  • Peak flows of people in and out of Kilburn Tube are too substantial for single crossings. A secondary one nearby will encourage people to turn left out of the station and go up the left side of Shoot Up Hill to the crossing, thereby lowering the chances of accidents.
  • takes too long to cross the road and then it's often dodging traffic


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