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To: Nick Herbert Policing and Criminal Justice Minister

Remove Sussex Chief Constable

Remove Martin Richards as Chief Constable and ask an outside Police Force to investigate corruption and gross misconduct inside Sussex Police Force

Why is this important?

A complaint made against Arun District Council in 2002 that a pedophile ring was operating within the council offices appears to have been interferred with by the Chief Constable who appears to be freinds with the ex-Chief Executive of the Council. When the same council then used false documents to bankrupt the author of the statement, Sussex Police failed to take any action. Instead it appears that they actively encouraged the bankruptcy court by writing at very specific hearings denying any ongoing investigation or at the very least minimising their involvement - leaving the defendant in this case looking as though he was either lying or attempting to delay the court proceedings. The judge in the matter eventually lost patience and granted the bankruptcy order. The man's £500,000 home was then sold for little over half price to the best friend of one of the original investigating officers. He was best man at the freinds wedding.

Im now told that a new investigation into the Police handling of the original complain is underway and several serving officers are to be investigated for misconduct. However, this second investigation also now appears to have been delayed by further influences from senior officers. The original investigating officer appears to have completely dissappeared from the ranks of Sussex Police and is either suspended or on long term sick leave.

Nick Herbert, the Police Minister was informed at the beginning of this year of the situation by the charity Shelter and promised a full and thorough investigation into Arun District Council and Sussex Police. Nothing has happened other than holding letters being sent out explaining that Sussex Police need more time. MP Peter Bottomley has also been asking questions and so far has nothing to report either. Likewise Sussex Police Authority when informed of the situation has asked the Chief Constable to answer the allegation of corruption within the local Police Force. Instead he has passed the matter to the Professional Standards department who are still trying their level best to bury the whole issue. They fail to answer emails or letters.

Odd isnt it that this is one of the longest serving Conservative Councils in the country and two Conservative MP's can't get answers.

Or is it that they are afraid the answers will damage their parties reputation ?

It beggars belief that a statement about a pedophile ring running inside a local authority would not be investigated fully. It further beggers belief that when the council use false documents to bankrupt the man who made the complaint that the Police fail yet again in their duties to uphold the law and not see that the councils action as revenge or worst an attempt to silence any further allegations.

One is left asking the question ' how many children have continued to be abused in Littlehampton/Bognor Regis in the last 10 years since the compaint was originally made?' Sussex Police need to answer the allegation that they have deliberately refused to investigate freinds who work for Arun District Council and they need to be held to account as does the Chief Constable

How it will be delivered

Delivered to Nick Herbert in person


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Reasons for signing

  • I personally sent a 27 page document to his office, which was duly ‘lost’ and covered up.
  • Sussex police are involved in serious financial corruption, the abuse of the disabled and paedophillia - FACT! This corruption must stop!
  • Corruption rules! see


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