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To: The Scottish Parliament

Petition for a Public Inquiry into the running of City of Edinburgh Council

Petition for a Public Inquiry into the running of City of Edinburgh Council

We the public, ask that the Scottish Parliament order a public inquiry into the running of the City of Edinburgh Council. The numerous scandals, cover ups and mismanagement of the Capital City of Scotland must be investigated to prevent further debacles and to restore the trust of the public.

Why is this important?

Everyone in the world should be concerned when a beautiful City is subjected to so many scandals. The City of Edinburgh Council is responsible for providing services which affect the environment and the lives of over 400,000 people and the Council has a budget of over £1 billion per year. The numerous and ongoing scandals that have engulfed the City are cause for wide spread public concern. These scandals include:

The Mortonhall Baby Ashes Scandal
The School Repairs Scandal and the Liberton Tragedy
The Tram Debacle
The Statutory Notice Scandal
The Flood defence overspend scandal which cost the taxpayer £30million
Planning Scandals allowing building on historic sites at Craighouse and other protected areas
Traffic Chaos scandal caused by dogma in the council transportation department
The Lothian Bus Scandal which allowed a boss of the company to earn £270,000 per year and run his own private bus firm on the side and somehow or other employ friends and family.
The "Bleeding Stumps" scandal whereby the council cuts front line services to show how important it is, whilst protecting spin doctors and managers within the council who produce nothing. This tactic is known as the Bleeding Stumps approach because it cuts off key limbs and sends a message to central government not to take their money away, whilst protecting the overpaid and useless. It is a cynical and scandalous ploy that the Scottish Parliament should not tolerate.

Of most concern is the repeated cover ups of the above scandals. Files on the Tram debacle have gone missing or been shredded. The Council also appear to be putting their heads in the sand about the running costs of the tram and ongoing safety problems with cyclists being injured. The school repairs backlog appears to have been hushed up in the wake of the Liberton Tragedy. It has also been reported that it will be years before any answers will be given on Liberton.
It is a matter of record that numerous files and records have gone missing from Statutory Notice jobs, and the process implemented to resolve the scandal has gone on for years and has cost the taxpayer millions without resolving the complaints.
The Edinburgh Planning department is viewed with suspicion by residents in the city because it is inconsistent, and appears to turn a blind eye to protected areas being attacked by developers. There is no right appeal by residents and communities often feel that the Developers and the Planning department are overly familiar and close.

For over three decades there appears to have been systemic management failures and a culture of cover up in Edinburgh, and this must be addressed. In view of all of the scandals, ongoing cover ups and concerns, a full public inquiry is needed to restore public confidence in Edinburgh Council.


Reasons for signing

  • Edinburgh council and social work are corrupt to the core. They collude with SHAKTI to get endless funding. Together with SHAKTI they make money by immigration fraud.Illegal immigrants get visas ,housing and benefits all payed by tax payers. This is all covered up and made legal by accusing a british person of abuse.Of course then in edinburgh no questions are asked. The poor british persons are then targeted by stasi scotland.wecome to the land of milk and honey
  • Too many to mention here but they are not fit for purpose and have the wrong priorities to the detriment of Edinburgh residents.
  • I was affected by the statutory repairs scandal and had 5 stressful years trying to fight our case. I had to give in eventually for my own sanity and it still leaves me with bitter because of the treatment towards residents. No resolutions only financial debt!!!!! Corrupt through and through.


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