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To: Fife Education Committee

Preferred Site For Inverkeithing High School

Preferred Site For Inverkeithing High School

The Education Committee are due to meet very soon to decide upon the preferred site for the new High School presently situated in Inverkeithing. Aberdour, Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Councils have composed a joint community letter detailing why we believe the new school should be sited in Inverkeithing. A copy will be sent to each of the Education Committee members. We wish to include this petition to demonstrate the strength of feeling within our community. Could you please join our petition and share with friends and family?

Why is this important?

The impact upon family life, community, businesses, transport, leisure activities and the environment is enormous and the time left to influence the decision is short


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Reasons for signing

  • Planning on moving back to Dalgety Bay with two small children
  • What a ridiculously short-sighted decision. This initial "cost saving" choice will have expensive repercussions along the line. It will surely increase the amount of vehicles on the road as many pupils who would previously been able to walk to school will need to be driven causing significant congestion.
  • Keeping the High School at the centre of the catchment area, to the advantage of all pupils. Keeping the school in walking or cycling distance for many pupils.


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