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To: Braintree District Council

Preserve & Restore Witham Town Park Railings!

Preserve & Restore Witham Town Park Railings!

We the undersigned hereby call on Braintree District Council, as the present day custodians of Witham Town Park, to preserve and restore the historic park railings; for the ongoing benefit of the town, its residents and future generations, and to ensure that an important part of our history is not lost due to neglect or development.

Why is this important?

The railings around Witham Town Park have been in place since it was first opened for the benefit of Witham residents in 1900.

The park and the railings are an important part of Witham's history. In fact, as part of a park which is within a Conservation Area, they are a Heritage Asset.

They also:
-- Make the park a safer place for users of all ages;
-- Enable the Council to shut and lock the park at night if required;
-- Make the park ideal for community events (such as the Witham Carnival), as it is easy to implement security measures due to it being fully enclosed.

Sadly however, despite being a Heritage Asset, the railings are currently at risk in two ways:
1) They have been badly neglected and, as a result, in places they are in a poor state of repair.
2) Bellway Homes intend to remove them as part of their development plan for the Gimsons site.

We believe that removing them would be a disaster for the people of Witham and could ultimately spell the end of some of our community events.

We are therefore asking Braintree District Council to not only protect the railings, but to give them the proper care and attention they need to survive.


To learn more about our activities and/or make a donation to our fighting fund, please see our website at:

Witham Town Park, Maldon Road, Witham

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Reasons for signing

  • We must preserve our heritage and not always bow down to that great God development.
  • We live in Witham and want our kids to be safe.
  • Stop the development


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