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To: UK Parliament and HM Queen Elizabeth II

Proposed 90th year commemoration "Queen Elizabeth Medal" for those who have SERVED IN HARM'S WAY

Proposed 90th year commemoration "Queen Elizabeth Medal" for those who have SERVED IN HARM'S WAY

Consider the creation of a 90th Birth Year Commemorative "Queen Elizabeth Medal" to be awarded to those who have "SERVED IN HARM'S WAY"

Why is this important?

We the undersigned respectfully petition HM Queen Elizabeth II and the UK Parliament to consider the creation of a medal to be awarded to "THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED IN HARM'S WAY".

On 22nd April 2016, HM Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday.

On previous materially important dates in HM Queen Elizabeth's life there have been special medals struck.

1953 - Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal:

1977 - 25 Years On The Throne:

2002 - 50 Years On The Throne:

2012 - 60 Years On The Throne: The Diamond Jubilee Medal

The petitioners to this new proposed Queen's 90th year medal believe this is an important occasion and would kindly ask that an appropriate "Queen Elizabeth Medal" be created and awarded to "THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED IN HARM'S WAY". For example, in recent months, there can be fewer words other than heroic, courageous and brave, to describe those volunteers that have put their lives in very real danger to help others who are suffering from the tragic, horrendous and deadly Ebola virus outbreak.

In addition there are emergency service personnel who place themselves in harm's way regularly for the safety and protection of others. Members of emergency services such as the fire-fighters, police, ambulance crew, paramedics and other life saving workers. Plus of course HM Queen's military forces. Along with dedicated specialist sectors such as RAF Search & Rescue flight crew - drivers of the big yellow rescue helicopters.

Not to forget the voluntary emergency personnel, such as those who devote time and risk their lives via the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the Mountain Rescue Services and similar volunteer lifesaving institutions.

Further details of the proposed "Queen Elizabeth Medal":-:

How it will be delivered

If, or when we reach 100,000 signatories to this Petition it will become eligible for debate in the House of Commons:-

Reasons for signing

  • ...Police ,Prison Service,Fire Service, Air SEa rescue, Ambulance ..daily face harm to help others yet recieve little or no recognition..this would fill a gap that is present within these services.
  • recognition
  • Recognition and not being taken for granted just because it's your Job.


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