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To: UK Parliament and HM Queen Elizabeth II

Proposed "Queen Elizabeth Medal" for those who have SERVED IN HARM'S WAY ~ Covid-19

Proposed "Queen Elizabeth Medal" for those who have SERVED IN HARM'S WAY ~ Covid-19

Consider the creation of a "Queen Elizabeth Medal" to be awarded to those who have "SERVED IN HARM'S WAY". At this time, those NHS nurses, doctors, consultants and all staff + Ambulance Service + Police Service + Fire Service + British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Airforce and all other UK services, plus civilian members of the community who have placed themselves in HARM'S WAY to protect and care for those who have suffered from the Coronavirus/Covid-19 infection. Also, to be awarded to those who have SERVED IN HARM'S WAY in other areas of national service, past and future. Criteria of award similar to the Ebola Medal:

Why is this important?

This is important as it represents a decent way to recognise the self-sacrifice of "THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED IN HARM'S WAY".

Specifically in recognition for those who have served in harm's way caring for patients with the Coronavirus. But also, with respect, the proposed "Queen Elizabeth Medal" would be an awarded, appropriate for those who have served in other dangerous situations, such as the prevention of terrorism acts of bravery where commendations such as the Queen's Gallantry Medal criteria would not be met..

This also carries on a tradition of officially recognising specific events for which precedent has been established:-

1977 - 25 Years On The Throne:

2002 - 50 Years On The Throne:

2012 - 60 Years On The Throne: The Diamond Jubilee Medal

The petitioner believes a "Queen Elizabeth Medal" created and awarded to "THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED IN HARM'S WAY" is a fair, decent and kind way of recognising the thousands of people in the United Kingdom who have quietly gone about their work when faced with danger and the prospect of death in a significant number of occasions, yet still turn up to work in order to save those who need help. For example, in recent weeks, there can be fewer words other than heroic, courageous and brave, to describe those volunteers that have put their lives in very real danger to help others who are suffering from the tragic, horrendous and deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition there are emergency service personnel who place themselves in harm's way regularly for the safety and protection of others. Members of emergency services such as the fire-fighters, police, ambulance crew, paramedics and other life saving workers. Plus of course HM Queen's military forces. Along with dedicated specialist sectors such as RAF Search & Rescue flight crew - drivers of the big yellow rescue helicopters.

Not to forget the voluntary emergency personnel, such as those who devote time and risk their lives via the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the Mountain Rescue Services and similar volunteer lifesaving institutions.

How it will be delivered

If, or when we reach 100,000 signatories to this Petition it will become eligible for debate in the House of Commons:-

Reasons for signing

  • Recognition of risks taken fir public well-being
  • ...Police ,Prison Service,Fire Service, Air SEa rescue, Ambulance ..daily face harm to help others yet recieve little or no recognition..this would fill a gap that is present within these services.
  • Recognition and not being taken for granted just because it's your Job.


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