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To: Devizes Town Council

Protect the Drews Pond Wood area

This campaign has ended.

Protect the Drews Pond Wood area

This petition of residents of Devizes asks that ten areas of open space connected with the old Roundway Hospital site are designated as Local Green Space through the current Neighbourhood Plan review due to their importance for wildlife, amenity value as well as historical significance.

Why is this important?

UPDATE: We've exceeded our goal - now it's time for us to deliver our petition to the Town Council and (hopefully) work with them to get our Local Green Space designations!


**IMPORTANT: You can help us prove that this land is valuable to the people of Devizes, please fill out our short questionnaire: **

The Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan are being reviewed. These plans will decide where to put hundreds more houses in Devizes. These plans shouldn’t just be about where to put development - they also need to identify areas that are special and important for people and wildlife so that they can be protected for the future.

Drews Pond Wood Local Nature Reserve and the land around it was once part of the grounds of Roundway Hospital County Asylum (1849). All the land that was part of the hospital is linked by history and has a special character. The old grounds support wildlife associated with Drews Pond Wood and also provide important amenity land for local people to enjoy.

Designating this land as a Local Green Space could:
- Protect local wildlife habitats throughout the area.
- Conserve habitat of internationally rare bats including the rare Annex II Bechstein’s bat on the IUCN Red List as Near Threatened in Europe.
- Ensure the retention of well-used amenity land important for health and wellbeing, including disability-friendly green space.
- Prevent erosion of a local heritage asset that is an important part of the history of Devizes.

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Devizes SN10, UK

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