Remove Metallica from Glastonbury line up

To: Michael & Emily Eavis - Glastonbury organisers

Remove Metallica from Glastonbury line up
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Campaign created by Chris Jenaya Aaron Dale

Remove Metallica from the festival line up. Due to James Hetfields vile obsession with Bear Hunting

Why is this important?

This is a cruel and abhorrent thing to do. Killing animals for food is one thing. But killing for so called sport is wrong.

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  • David e. 2014-12-12 13:49:12 -0500
    Only assholes shoot animals for fun
  • Alan S. 2014-08-01 04:14:58 -0400
    I'm a big Metallica fan but I'm a bigger animal lover and unless you are a hermit with zero cash living off the land in some remote part of the world there is no excuse for hunting at all, especially not for Metallica members and their wads of cash. Poor show James, poor show!
  • Clare B. 2014-06-29 06:54:03 -0400
    This sick activity needs to stop and we want to cast shame over James Hetfield for this sick activity he enjoys!


7 months ago

As for Michael and Emily Eavis. They are farmers first. And generally if they cant make a profit off furry things, then they kill them. This is outside of the scope of this petition. But fox hunting has been banned in the UK. And as Mr Eavis is a dairy farmer, has a vested interest in Badger culling. However, Vaccination has been proved more effective.
Once again Thanks to everyone for their support, to those going to the festival, including the Eavis family and Metallica. I wish you all a great and successful fesitval and hope the weather works in your favour

9 months ago

Thanks to all that signed. This petition was set up on behalf of a Facebbook campaign. Obviously, some people have missed the point. So for clarity. This wasnt about Metallica the band. It was about James Hetfields obesseion with trophy murder.
My personal opinion is, Glastonbury festival itself is still passing itself off as a Hippy Peace festival, including a strong family orientation. The truth is, Glastonbury festival organisors are all about money. This is just a shameless corporate event. And hopefully will be billed as such one year.
I personally dont think Metallica are a bad choice. I just disagree with James Hetfield murdering bears for fun.

8 months ago

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8 months ago

A massive thanks to Jess Denham :)

8 months ago

Currently trying to gain Greenpeace to be involved. But no response. If anyone can assist in requesting their support. Also NO RESPONSE FROM THE FESTIVAL ORGANISERS. Please help to put pressure on these people

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